SYSTRAN's commitments to Open Source

SYSTRAN has been involved in open source development since 2016 with OpenNMT, a ready-to-use, fully inclusive, industry and research ready development framework for Neural Machine Translation (NMT).

OpenNMT guarantees SYSTRAN customers to benefit from the latest developments of state-of-the-art NMT technology included in SYSTRAN suite of products. Since 2016, in that spirit, SYSTRAN has additionally Open Sourced all of the code related to scientific publication by its research team.

What is Neural Machine Translation (NMT)?

Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is an AI-based technology used for Natural Language Processing. It is today the standard in translation technology. The specificity of NMT when compared to previous translation technologies is its ability to learn (via successive training iterations), like a student or a child, to reach outstanding levels of quality close to human translation.

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Why Open Source?

There are many reasons why SYSTRAN chose to become an active Open Source contributor :

  • Transparency and Collaboration between “coopetitor” translation frameworks are contributing to global better quality and to develop common standards
  • Attract the best developers commited to produce highest quality code, and benefit from a massive community of users to continuously improve the algorithm
NMT - Open Source Neural Machine Translation
NMT - SYSTRAN, Open Source and innovation

Beyond Open Source

Open Source is just one component of SYSTRAN commitment to develop tools for breaking the language barrier , SYSTRAN pledges to open innovation, data reversibility and sharing best practices for guaranteeing complete freedom for the end-user to select best solution and to enable adaption of the technology to the largest audience, in particular for low-resource languages.


Launched in December 2016 by SYSTRAN and Harvard NLP, OpenNMT developed into the second largest open-source NMT project with 18 major releases, 3700 stars, 1400 forks on Github and over 500 published papers are based on OpenNMT.

Today, OpenNMT is maintained by SYSTRAN and Ubiquus, and is the technology behind all SYSTRAN products: from SYSTRAN Translate to our API and SYSTRAN Pure Neural Server.

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NMT - Neural Machine Translation

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