SYSTRAN 50 Years of Innovation

A pioneer in machine translation, SYSTRAN was founded in 1968 and through today remains at the forefront of related research and product development. SYSTRAN’s software enables individuals to communicate with each other in multiple languages. The R&D team is at the cutting-edge of research in the field of natural language processing – both linguistics and statistics. New methods to improve the software’s quality, performance and interoperability are constantly explored.

SYSTRAN Innovative Hybrid Engine

SYSTRAN’s hybrid machine translation engine combines the strengths of rule-based and statistical machine translation. In simplified terms, it merges the predictability and language consistency of rule-based MT with the fluency and flexibility of statistical MT to reach customer quality requirements. SYSTRAN’s hybrid engine sharply reduces the amount of data required to train the software, and also reduces the size of the statistical models while maintaining high performance.

Advantage of SYSTRAN Technology

For 50+ years SYSTRAN has and continues to deliver proven translation software solutions to corporate, government and individual customers. SYSTRAN is the preferred translation solution for technology robustness, translation speed and high overall translation quality. SYSTRAN delivers the largest breadth of machine translation software products in the market which offer fast and cost-effective customization.

Benefits of Language Translation Software

SYSTRAN MT solutions help organizations improve multilingual communications both internally and externally. They can be trained to a specific business objective or domain to generate publishable quality translations. In addition, they are used to increase human translation productivity, and easily integrate with localization workflows and other enterprise applications. MT is the only viable solution to translate content that would not be translated otherwise because it is quick and the cost is independent of the volume translated.

SYSTRAN Customization Methodology

Customization is a process that allows users to fine-tune translations to achieve publishable translation quality results. Customization is appropriate for companies with high volume translation needs in a specific domain, such as travel, automotive, IT, industrial automation, patent research, and consumer electronics. Any industry with specific terminology and high volume or continuous translation needs will benefit from customization. SYSTRAN’s exclusive customization methodology combines the latest linguistic and statistical techniques to reach publishable quality results.

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