Big Data Analysis for Government Intelligence and Law Enforcement

SYSTRAN’s innovative solution fosters robust multilateral collaboration, bolstering the efficiency of public services while upholding the paramount values of accuracy and security. SYSTRAN optimizes resource allocation, ensuring that government resources are utilized to their fullest potential.


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Enhancing Analysis Efficiency

SYSTRAN empowers law enforcement and government agencies with advanced tools to process and analyze large volumes of textual and audio data.

Our solutions help uncover insights, detect trends, and identify patterns in unstructured data, enhancing understanding of criminal activities and emerging threats.


SYSTRAN enhances multilingual data analysis


Efficient information Triage & Prioritization

SYSTRAN can automatically categorize, tag, and prioritize incoming data based on relevance and urgency. This streamlines the data analysis process, allowing law enforcement professionals to focus their attention on critical information, improving response times and resource allocation for urgent cases.

Optimize your translation workflows with SYSTRAN


Multilingual Analysis & Cross-Jurisdictional Cooperation

In cases involving international crime or collaboration between law enforcement agencies from different regions, language barriers can be a significant challenge. Language technologies can facilitate real-time translation of multilingual data, breaking down communication barriers and enabling seamless information sharing and joint operations across jurisdictions.


Variable levels of Accessibility

SYSTRAN Server ensures translations can be performed completely offline, even in the most secure environments. This guarantees that only authorized personnel can access classified information.

Additionally, when remote translation is necessary, SYSTRAN provides a browser-based solution that maintains full data privacy. It’s essential to continuously monitor and control communication security while adhering to cybersecurity regulations to prioritize data protection.

Data security for translation workflows

Integrated with all the tools you need

SYSTRAN seamlessly integrates with all your major applications providing a distinct advantage by enabling precise and instant language translation.

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Data Sovereignty How to keep your data secure

All companies need to protect their sensitive data. However, the online translated data can be suject to extraterritoial laws even though the server is located on European ground.

We will help you to understand all the issues behind data sovereignty in our E-Book.

SYSTRAN protects data sovereignty

SYSTRAN allows your company’s core message to resonate in up to 55 languages.

  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Content Marketing Translation
  • Conference Interpretation
  • Pitch Book Translation
  • Video Subtitling / Dubbing
  • eCommerce Localization
  • Business Meeting Interpretation
  • Social Media Translation
  • Website Localization
  • Packaging Translation
  • RFP Translation
  • Sales Aid Translation
  • Press Release Translation
  • Market Research Translation
  • Advertising Transcreation
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