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Mining for gold: How to harness extra value from your language assets ?​

Bring quality to the next level with the XTM AI-enhanced Translation Memories feature, powered by SYSTRAN Neural Fuzzy Adaptation​

«We had a phenomenal setup with our content management system feeding automatically into and out of XTM. Adding SYSTRAN MT to the process made it even better. Then with the release of XTM 12.7 and neural fuzzy adaptation, we found gold. Now we’re able to harness the very best of both machine translation and human editing for outstanding cost efficiency»

Ronald Egle - Content Systems Administrator at Ariel Corporation

How does it work

​The XTM AI-enhanced TM feature sends fuzzy matches to the neural machine translation engine as reference material. Those fuzzy matches come from the translation memory and provide additional clues to the MT engine. Translation memories and machine translation work hand in hand to find the best translation. The quality of Machine Translation gets optimized in real time to save post-editing efforts.​ ​ Validated translation memories are key here and a very valuable asset for companies who translate contents. With the AI-enhanced TM feature, validated translations from the translation memories help the MT engine produce a high-quality translation based on validated content stored in the TM.​


Benefits to use SYSTRAN

Costs reduction

Increase in productivity

Reduction in post-editing effort

Improvement of the machine translation output​

Translation quality enhancement on new content (content not seen by the engine during the training)​

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