Nestlé, the world largest food and nutrition company with operations in 200 countries was looking for a translation solution to process higher translation volumes, reduce costs and ensure the confidentiality of the translated contents.

« SYSTRAN helped us implement a centralized translation solution for Nestlé to speed up our processes and be more cost effective.
We address a variety of needs within the company while remaining entirely compliant with Nestlé’s data security requirements.»

German Basterra - (Former) Tech Lead Translation Services  at Nestlé

The challenge

Until recently, Nestlé was all about human translation: working with agencies, internal translators or employees who assisted with translation needs in their native language. Translation in this large company was fully decentralized: each market or brand had its own process which resulted in high costs and long delivery time.

The need for machine translation came from several departments at the company in the objective to optimize these internal processes and reduce costs.


Benefits to use SYSTRAN

Good quality translation in 32 languages

User friendly solution

Secured solution

Advanced customization capabilities 

Ability to manage high translation volumes

Cost-effective solution

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