Translation Solutions for Public Sector Organizations

Public-sector organizations struggle to keep pace with today’s surging multilingual environment. With SYSTRAN, they can significantly improve the quality of their communication with citizens, internal teams and even international organizations.

  • Improve the way you work

    By leveraging real-time translation capabilities on your Intranet and other tools and media, you can significantly enhance collaboration and communication throughout your organization.

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  • Share information with more people

    SYSTRAN’s user-friendly Web-localization tools allow you to communicate services to your citizens in a second language or promote your website to other countries in their local language.

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  • Complete translation projects affordably

    Without reliable automation, you’d need an army of human translators to keep up with the ever-increasing volume of data that needs to be translated. SYSTRAN helps you publish more content, faster, and in many languages.

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  • Mine through loads of information quickly

    Deploy solutions that facilitate mission-critical decisions like rapid access to relevant information and multilingual search tools. At any given moment, users can quickly translate entire sites, blogs or documents to find and understand foreign-language info in real time.

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