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New Paradigm challenges

From dealing with various types of slang to unpredictable volume of data, New Paradigm’s team monitors a significant amount of sensitive information in a variety of languages and formats.

Seeking to move away from time-intensive manual translations, New Paradigm’s team was seeking professional translation solution to:

  • Free up analyst’s time for risk assessments with automated translations
  • Customize multiple language profiles across different data sources
  • Ensure all translated data remains securely on New Paradigm’s own servers

Each day, the company monitors millions of data points to define and review communications that may be fraudulent or suspicious. Previously, the company relied on employees within the organization to translate these messages manually, which proved to be an unsustainable and irresponsible use of their expertise in risk detection.

After seeking a solution for roughly 2 years, New Paradigm narrowed it down to SYSTRAN, Google, and Bing MT translation engines.

With SYSTRAN, deliver high quality translated content


SYSTRAN translate Server

The company identified that SYSTRAN offered more in a single package than the competition, so when it was time to upgrade to a secure language translation system, the choice was obvious. SYSTRAN was also the clear choice because of its market reputation as well as the company’s strong technology and support.

The Systran Enterprise Server and later Systran Pure Neural Server were integrated into the platform for intelligence aggregation and risk analysis (PIARA) that New Paradigm is using so that natural language data could be analyzed regardless of its language of origin. Some of the benefits included:

  • Extreme data privacy through an on-premise solution, reducing the risk of data leaks
  • Improved efficiency in identifying high-risk issues for clients
  • High degree of customization for various types of jargon, slang and lingo
  • Simple TM and language profile management
  • Predictable cost


Machine translation is key to increase time and cost efficiency

Now, New Paradigm has been happily using SYSTRAN for over 8 years, with 10-30 users at a time depending on the client projects. SYSTRAN has a tight integration with PIARA (an intelligence processing software) to keep translation memories up to date. SYSTRAN ensures that raw data is translated from the deep and dark web through customized language profiles built out for these data sources.

SYSTRAN translates on average 16 million posts per month, each post is around 100 characters. Before they were manually translating only around 200 posts. This boosted their team’s multilingual processing efficiency by 7999900%.

Yes, you read that right!

New Paradigm’s analysts are now able to focus on enhancing translation memories for better risk reporting, instead of manually translating posts one by one.

SYSTRAN offers accurate translations

About New Paradigm

New Paradigm started in 2012 with the mission to provide the world with innovative solutions to streamline global risk assessment. Today, they provide clients with threat intelligence that helps them properly allocate resources to handle threats with the highest probability and the greatest risk in terms of financial loss. New Paradigm does this by monitoring the data rushing through the deep and dark web and translating this data into actionable intelligence, assisting clients in quantifying and reducing cyber risks.

New Paradigm offers a combination of Cyber Risk Modeling, Threat Community Monitoring, and Red Team Testing that provides the most complete threat intelligence solution currently found on the market.



Slava Charnashei

Co-Founder of New Paradigm

“At New Paradigm, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach; we tailor our services to the needs of each business. SYSTRAN gave us the capability to provide even wider monitoring on a global, multilingual scale for each of our client’s needs.”


They also use SYSTRAN







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