Crosslang is an independent privately owned consulting and systems integration company based in Gand, Belgium that has been re-innovating translation since 2002. Specialised in translation automation technologies, they are a team of consultants, software engineers and computational linguists with unparalleled expertise in business process automation, multilingual knowledge management and language strategies.

Domains: Generic, Legal

Languages: Dutch, English, French, German

16 models available



Domain   Source Target Locale Price level Info Last update  
Legal   Dutch French 2 2019-06-01 Test me!
Legal   Dutch English 2 2019-05-29 Test me!
Legal   Dutch German 2 2019-06-03 Test me!
Generic   Dutch English 2 2019-01-13 Test me!
Generic   Dutch French 2 2018-12-06 Test me!
Legal   English Dutch 2 2019-05-29 Test me!
Legal   English French 2 2019-05-07 Test me!
Legal   English German 2 2019-05-04 Test me!
Generic   English Dutch 2 2019-01-12 Test me!
Legal   French Dutch 2 2019-06-03 Test me!
Legal   French German 2 2019-05-18 Test me!
Legal   French English 2 2019-05-07 Test me!
Generic   French Dutch 2 2019-01-20 Test me!
Legal   German Dutch 2 2019-06-03 Test me!
Legal   German French 2 2019-05-22 Test me!
Legal   German English 2 2019-05-07 Test me!