Global organizations have to become more inter-connected and to enhance their real-time multilingual collaboration

How to successfully implement lean process management at a global scale?

Industry 4.0 is a worldwide process relying on several technologies with users from multiple locations and speaking different languages that need to handle a growing volume of data adding to the multiplicity of communication formats and channels.

For example, raw materials usually originate in one place and have been assembled in another, which may cause manufacturing defects due to a miscommunication and misunderstanding of product specifications.

How to coordinate all the communication and instruction points from different countries along the processes of sourcing, production and selling?

Margin gains generated by digitization for manufacturers by 2020

Margin gains generated by digitization for manufacturers by 2020

Product lifecycle decrease

Product lifecycle decrease

Oliver Wyman, Perspectives on Manufacturing industries, vol.11
Siemens AG, IDC, Statista,

Digital interaction with your customers in their language

The digital revolution forces manufacturers to interact with customers in new ways. Most retail purchasing is done online, where shoppers can refer to ever-expanding sources of information.
An employee making a purchase on behalf of their company expects a similar user-friendly experience, including rapid, high-quality information and the availability of different product varieties and add-ons. Manufacturers need to empower their customers and provide digital tools enabling them to choose the right product or solution: online product specifications, manuals, fact sheets, tutorials, virtual assistants...

Perspectives on manufacturing industries
Perspectives on manufacturing industries - Oliver Wyman

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Claas - Olaf Rehders

Olaf Rehders
E-business Project Manager at CLAAS

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How to deliver the best user experience to each customer?

Wherever they may live, whatever language they may speak.

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Cross-boundaries sourcing: more opportunities but also more risks

Global expansion leads manufacturers to collaborate with various partners around the world to integrate them into their own production processes.

The results are global, cross linked supply chain networks, which can yield cost reductions – but whose complexity generates risks such as quality problems, production disruption, logistics breakdowns...

The manufacturer needs to align suppliers with its vision so that the supply partner can be considered an extension of the manufacturer itself.

This requires systematic communication and information exchange. Translation technology can play an important role, synchronizing the procurement ecosystem to promote joint improvement opportunities, reduce risks, and enable mutual growth.

Cross-boundaries sourcing
Improve the manufacturing process

Improve the manufacturing process by eliminating the language bottleneck

If manufacturers want to sustain and grow their customer bases in a competitive environment, their products need to fulfill increasingly high quality and reliability standards. Translation and localization are directly linked to product liability. That is why the European Union implemented, the Machinery Directive, a policy of multilingualism for manufacturers operating in the EU market. For manufacturing companies selling or distributing products in the European Union they must translate the following contents to comply with the law: Information Indicators Displays, Warnings, Work instructions and Technical documents.

To support global lean manufacturing efforts, it is essential to integrate machine translation into the core of the value chain. This will break down language barriers while reducing time to market and achieve the desired levels of quality and cost.

Integrate machine translation into the core of the value chain

How can we help?

SYSTRAN delivers a fully integrated solution within your IT infrastructure providing you with a tailored and secured translation.

Accurate Terminology

Accurate Terminology

SYSTRAN solutions ensure end-to-end process quality: all technical, industry-specific terms are always translated accurately and consistently according to the stakeholders’ languages.

Accurate Terminology
Real time translation

Real time translation

As customer centricity is increasingly important, SYSTRAN provides tailored and secured translations to communicate with customers and suppliers in their language.
SYSTRAN can be integrated into companies’ tools (intranet, chat, email, MS office…).

Real time translation
Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership

SYSTRAN’s translation memory centralizes your translation processes while reducing translation costs.
Your productivity is maximized by translating a large volume of documents with a faster turnaround time.

Total Cost of Ownership


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