As a global company with operations or offices in many different countries, you know that communicating in multiple languages is key to provide excellent customer service. How do you achieve that when you simply can’t hire a native customer support agent for every language out there?

As employees are required to communicate in several languages to support customers or internal users all around the globe, they might rely on free online translation tools, leaving the door open to data leaks and imprecise translations...

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Extend your market coverage
With 50+ languages automatically translated

Speed-up response time
With our instant email and chat translation functionality

Secure your customer data
Translation occur behind your firewall, preventing data leakage

Our translation API in all your customer support applications

Increase self-service
Auto-translate knowledge bases, FAQs, and technical documentation

Customer Satisfaction

Give your customers or internal support services users (for IT help desk, etc…) the ability to interact with support agents in their own language, or find the information easily through the translation of FAQs in multiple languages for increased self service.

Our solution include:

  • Email translation for customer queries or support incident
  • Skype translation plug-in available for multilingual chat
  • Scalable architecture delivering fast translation, turning your knowledge base into a multilingual content factory.
Customer Satisfaction
Agent experience

Agent experience

Working as a customer service representative can be challenging when managing multiple customer queries and claims.

Even more so if language barriers get in the way of good communication. Providing your teams with the right tools will enable them to better handle customer requests and keep them motivated. The benefits for support teams are both quantitative, with less calls and substantial time saved, as they are qualitative: the dialogue with customers is also improved.

Customer Data privacy

Interacting with customers is highly sensitive in terms of the data that is shared during the support interaction. Personal information, account number, passwords, location, etc… are extremely confidential and shouldn’t be subject to exposure.

At SYSTRAN, data privacy is part of our DNA: all interactions occur behind your firewall, as translation functionalities are accessible through a private cloud or installed on-premise. Your customers’ data never leave your network, preventing data leakage and ensuring compliance.

Customer Data privacy
Cost savings with call volume reduction

Cost savings with call volume reduction

Your highest contact center cost is tied to high call volume due to the inability to service global customers in their native language.

Decrease call volume means increasing self-support with a customer support center displaying answers to customer queries in their native language - no matter the source language.


Adobe uses SYSTRAN solutions to translate product and service content in order to improve customer’s satisfaction, lower call center costs, and enable users to access support in their own language via multilingual help and support content.

+Read the full case study here

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