See how SYSTRAN technology and solutions have been bringing tangible benefits to leading enterprises around the world.

Mining for gold: How to harness extra value from your language assets ? Bring quality to the next level with the XTM AI-enhanced Translation Memories feature, powered by SYSTRAN Neural Fuzzy Adaptation​


Lexcelera is a language service provider who recently join t'Works. They were looking for a MT solution to improve the MT output and to train their own translation models in order to master the terminologies of their clients.

Nestlé, the world largest food and nutrition company with operations in 200 countries was looking for a translation solution to process higher translation volumes, reduce costs and ensure the confidentiality of the translated contents.

MGI Group, a leader Gaming company was looking for a solution to optimize their localization process in several languages with the objective to speed-up content delivery for Game updates while maintaining outstanding translation quality.

Now translating documents cost pennies, whereas foreign language reviewers cost well over $100/hr. With SYSTRAN, iDS has been able to accommodate their most trusted clients and add new ones.

As part of its fast-growing strategy to drive the company to the next level, ADmantX needed to increase its language coverage with high translation quality across large volumes.

PETIT FUTÉ, one of the leading players in tourist information and mediation, chose SYSTRAN solution to tackle new international markets and meet commercial ambitions at competitive costs and times.

CLAAS, one of the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural engineering equipment, chose SYSTRAN to communicate with one single voice in many different languages.

Discover how SYSTRAN enables PSA Peugeot Citroën employees, second largest car manufacturer in Europe, to translate in real time without risking of confidentiality.

Lombard Odier, global leader in wealth and asset management integrated SYSTRAN machine translation in the company’s daily business workflow to reduce the risk of confidential data leaks.

Namo, a Korean HTML editor integrated SYSTRAN’s translation solution into "CROSS-EDITOR", a web-based HTML editor solution. They can now provide a translation service that allows users to translate web contents into their own language.

Adobe employs to translate product and service content in order to improve customer’s satisfaction, lower call center costs, and enable users to access support in their own language via multilingual help and support content.

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