Web Page Translation

You’re looking for information on the Internet, but unfortunately the site where you find it isn’t in French. What can you do? Use SYSTRAN technology to translate the web page! SYSTRAN provides easy-to-use multilingual tools for translating web pages.

Enjoy the whole Internet

The Internet represents millions of sites and billions of pages. With this abundance of content, the Internet has become an inexhaustible source of information for learning, entertainment, shopping, exchanging and communicating…
However, French websites represent only a small percentage of the 160 million websites in existence (2008). So how can you enjoy sites in English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese…? By using a web page translator!

A web page translator

Thanks to SYSTRAN’s website translation software, you can now surf websites from all over the world, without any difficulty. No matter what language the site is in, SYSTRAN’s web page translator lets you instantly translate its content.
Internet translation that goes far beyond simple word-for-word translation. To avoid misunderstandings and translate a web page with respect for grammatical structure, SYSTRAN relies on linguistic analysis technology that has been patented several times over.



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