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If music soothes the soul, it can also awaken consciousness. Through their songs, artists share their emotions and observations about the world around them. To fully appreciate this, one must be able to accurately interpret the lyrics. Two options: be perfectly bilingual or use SYSTRAN to translate the lyrics of your favorite songs.

Do you speak Music?

While music is indeed a universal language, it is sometimes challenging to grasp the exact meaning of the lyrics. Make it a habit to use SYSTRAN Translate to freely translate song lyrics and discover the precise message the artist intended to convey. In English, Italian, German, Portuguese, or Spanish, SYSTRAN Translate instantly translates the lyrics of your chosen song. An excellent way to learn a foreign language or simply explore the ideas and messages of your favorite songs.

Learning a foreign language through music

Music is an excellent medium for learning a foreign language or improving proficiency. We’ve all dreamed of being able to translate the lyrics of songs on the radio without opening a dictionary. Thanks to SYSTRAN, translating song lyrics becomes natural and instantaneous. A simple click is all it takes to translate song lyrics, choruses, and verses of the latest trending tracks. Ideal for learning lyrics by heart, perhaps before singing your own songs.


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