How We Boost Translation Productivity

The demand to do more with less

As a Language Service Provider (LSP) or in-house translation team, you’re under increasing pressure to translate larger amounts of content into more languages with tighter deadlines, reduced budgets and the same quality expectations. To stay competitive, it’s important to find smarter ways to improve productivity and track profitability, both on new and existing projects.

SYSTRAN Enterprise Server
SYSTRAN improves translation productivity with Enterprise Server
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Boost translation productivity with SYSTRAN!

SYSTRAN arms you with turn-key solutions, both server-based and cloud-based, that allow you to work faster and smarter and also collaborate more efficiently with multiple translators.

With SYSTRAN, you can...

  • Significantly reduce translation costs and turnaround times thanks to the seamless integration of Hybrid Machine Translation (MT) with Computer-Assisted Translations (CAT)-based processes.
  • Build your own custom translation models and keep full control over your MT engine quality and performance, so that its accuracy constantly improves over time.
  • Enjoy streamlined collaboration by safely centralizing all your linguistic assets, such as user-defined dictionaries, translation memories and glossaries, in one single repository.
  • Better match your customer expectations by setting different levels of quality (publishing, light post-editing, gisting) and monitor them with powerful review and QA tools.
SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 7
SYSTRAN improves translation productivity with Enterprise Server
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