Our partnership with OVH, a Green Cloud provider

To deploy our Marketplace we chose OVH Public Cloud which provides access to the wide range of servers needed to perform on-demand neural translation model training.

Beyond the technical performance of the solution, our partnership with OVH is based primarily on shared values: Transparency on data processing, Eco-responsibility, the importance of Client data security and an open Ecosystem.

A powerful and secure technical infrastructure

OVH Public Cloud covers the full technical scope of SYSTRAN Marketplace: storage servers, flexible and powerful computing instances, monitoring and infrastructure management solutions. It also offers the best security to protect our solution from attacks and to guarantee stable access to SYSTRAN translation products as well as to Model Studio, an advanced solution for training specialized models.

OVH, a powerful and secure technical infrastructure
OVH & SYSTRAN, transparency in data processing

Transparency in data processing

In addition to providing efficient and secure services, OVH is committed to ensuring that its solutions are compliant and transparent in line with GDPR regulations for the processing of personal data, data ownership, reversibility and storage. These are critical elements to ensure the traceability of SYSTRAN Marketplace data and models.

The choice of an open ecosystem

Open Source is a fundamental driver in the product development strategy of both SYSTRAN and OVH. SYSTRAN develops and maintains the entire code of its neural translation technology in the Open Source OpenNMT project and OVH has chosen multiple open standards for its Public Cloud solution.

The SYSTRAN technology, an open ecosystem
OVH Cloud - Responsible infrastructure

A responsible approach to technology

OVH's commitment to the development of "green" technology was crucial for the infrastructure of SYSTRAN Marketplace. OVH reduces the amount of power needed to operate data centers and is a pioneer in water-cooling, a process developed by the company in 2003 to cool servers and reduce their energy consumption by 33%.

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