SYSTRAN Specialized Corona Crisis Corpus Models

In the midst of a pandemic, what can the language industry do to help?

Over a hundred countries and a million people have been affected by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. There are volumes of information constantly being generated about the virus, its symptoms, and treatments in various areas in the world, and it is vital that medical data from experts are available for everyone. However, precise language translations of specific medical terms aren't always guaranteed.

Medical translation models

Corona Crisis Translation models are now available!

To help equip our healthcare heroes with the best tools, we wanted to ensure access to secure and accurate translation specific to the coronavirus pandemic. SYSTRAN and TAUS collaborated to produce Corona Crisis Translation Models in several languages and available for free on SYSTRAN Translate. We hope that these models will maximize the access to unbiased factual medical information concerning COVID-19 in different parts of the globe, and therefore allow more collaboration among experts to stop the pandemic.

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Quality training data provided by TAUS

In support of people and communities in need, TAUS has launched the Corona Crisis Corpus project. The objective of this charitable project is to collect language data specific to virus outbreaks, health conditions and cures, symptoms and medicines, and to cluster and organize the data to make them available for free on the TAUS website to anyone who is training their own Machine Translation engines. SYSTRAN Corona Crisis Translation Models were therefore trained with these data provided by TAUS to handle the terminology specific to COVID-19.

Learn more about TAUS Corona Crisis Corpus Initiative

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12 models were developed for English to/from French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese and Russian. Select your language pair in the translation box to use the model for free on SYSTRAN Translate!

Available language pairs for Corona Crisis Machine Translation:

English > French
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English > Spanish
Spanish > English
English > German
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English > Italian
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English > Chinese
Chinese > English
English > Russian
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