From on-demand translation via the Group’s intranet portal to multilingual business-specific applications

« Now thanks to SYSTRAN APIs, we can cater to more business-specific applications, expressed, for example, by R&D. SYSTRAN also allows our language resources to be shared, which is a real bonus. »

Pascal Martineau, IT department PSA Peugeot Citroën

The challenge

As a multinational company, Peugeot Citroën Group was looking to facilitate communication and collaboration between its employees from all over the world.

The Information System Director wanted to integrate a translation tool into the Group’s Intranet Portal that would:

  • allow employees to translate and understand in real time a range of multilingual content (PowerPoint presentations, Word or Excel documents, PDFs, email, etc.)
  • be supported by robust guarantees in terms of IT security for the 90,000 users of the Group’s Intranet Portal.


Benefits to use SYSTRAN

Language resources sharing

Reduction in customer incident report processing time

Protection of confidential information

Instant text translation

Full integration into company IT system

Build-in customized dictionary

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