Easily translate big data for simpler processing

Data is growing faster than companies can handle.

You want to make rapid and well-informed business decisions. However, you’re faced with an explosion of multilingual digital content and user-generated content – from knowledge bases and corporate publications to multimedia content. In this huge ocean of data, you can’t afford to overlook or misunderstand critical information.

SYSTRAN Enterprise Server
SYSTRAN improves Big Data management with Enterprise Server
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Put all your data to work for you with SYSTRAN!

Providing you with a centralized translation server directly on site, SYSTRAN offers you fully secure, real-time translation across all your enterprise sites and applications, so you can get all your multilingual Big Data in manageable form, and process it quickly!

Benefit from...

  • More efficient and accurate Competitive & Marketing Intelligence (CMI) process: whatever the source (Web pages, RSS feeds, articles, blogs, etc.), it’s easy to monitor your competitors, your e-reputation, customer feedback and more.
  • A more comprehensive Technology Watch: quickly understand Scientific, Technical & Medical (STM) information in multiple languages, whether from articles, blogs, patents or Web pages.
  • Deeper customer or user experience insight: improve opinion mining, understand user-generated content in multiple languages and make targeted advertising more precise.
  • Fast translation of high volumes of documents: manage your translation needs for digital forensic procedures (e-Discovery purposes) to facilitate triage, analysis and information sharing.
SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 7
SYSTRAN improves Big Data management with Enterprise Server
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