How to deliver the best user experience to each customer?

Claas - Olaf Rehders

« The performance of our aftersales service is largely improved as each collaborator is now able to communicate with one single voice in so many different languages. »

Olaf Rehders, E-business Project Manager at CLAAS

The challenge

In its global business, CLAAS wants to offer a customer service in a language its clients understand and ensures they have a consistently excellent experience whatever their point of contact with the organization.

In order to provide the best customer service for each customer in the world, CLAAS had to find the right solution to localize efficiently its communication and documentation in many languages while guaranteeing data privacy.


Benefits to use SYSTRAN

Multilingual communication with one voice

Real time translation

Protection of confidential information

Reduction in customer requests processing time

Integration into company IT system

Empowered aftersales team

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