This was SYSTRAN Community Day’18!

Last week we hosted the 2018 edition of SYSTRAN Community Day! The conference was an exciting day full of energy, from Jean Senellart’s opening speech to our client success stories and celebrating SYSTRAN 50th anniversary! Here is a quick look at the conference highlights:

Jean Senellart announces the launch of a marketplace connecting the expertise of neural model trainers with the needs of industrial MT users

Full room for Jean Senellart conference at SYSTRAN Community Day, took place on November 8th at the Cloud Business Center in Paris

Jean Senellart, CEO of SYSTRAN France and CTO of the group opened the conference with a bold statement: the high quality of Neural Machine Translation has “commoditized” Machine Translation. As a commodity, NMT framework provides raw technology that needs to be refined, adapted and integrated for any industrial usage. After a look at the available NMT open source frameworks, including OpenNMT, cofounded and actively maintained by SYSTRAN, he made clear that streamlined training processes and data quality are the most crucial points to industrialize high quality neural machine translation.

Jean concluded his talk with the announcement of SYSTRAN marketplace, an open online platform where language experts have access to best of breed technology and framework to build, share, and sell language or domain models that can be accessed by industrial users. They will be able to select among hundreds of available models for any language pair and share feedback or evolution requests as per their specific needs.

Machine Translation : From Niche to Mainstream applications

Gaëlle Bou spoke to explain the SYSTRAN structure and the project implementation steps during SYSTRAN Community Day, took place on November 8th at the Cloud Business Center in Paris

First used by large corporations and government agencies, Machine Translation is now used more widely, with a forecast of translation volumes increasing by 67% over the next 3 years. Gaelle Bou, Head of Sales & Marketing at SYSTRAN explained that this growth is boosted by digital transformation and accelerated globalization. SYSTRAN multilingual capabilities serve the majority of businesses’ departments including finance, HR, product development, customer care, marketing, etc… The morning ended on a Client Panel with PSA, INTERPOL and OMV Group sharing a return on experience on Machine Translation implementation benefits and challenges.

Release of new connectors and second generation of NMT engines 

After lunch and SYSTRAN 50th anniversary celebration with a birthday cake, Yannick Douzant, Head of Product at SYSTRAN, revealed some of our latest integrations added to our connectors portfolio, such as Nuance Transcription Engine for voice translation and Abbyy Finereader Engine for OCR translation (non text translation such as PDF, JPEG, etc…). Another highlight was the announcement of SYSTRAN second generation of NMT engines, not only 15 to 30 times faster than the first generation and being the fastest NMT technology available on the market, but also outperforming all previous engines on quality with a reduced memory footprint.

Reception and celebration room during the event. A cake was prepared for the SYSTRAN Community Day, took place on November 8th at the Cloud Business Center in Paris

OVH partners with SYSTRAN for secured and GDPR compliant applications

The European Cloud provider OVH, represented by Jean-Louis Queguiner, Head of AI and Big Data, presented the infrastructure behind SYSTRAN secured solutions, focused on scalability and privacy by design.

SYSTRAN partners in the spotlight: Language Industry and Data Intelligence.

A discussion room where Gaëlle Bou and other collaborators are talking  at SYSTRAN Community Day, took place on November 8th at the Cloud Business Center in Paris

SYSTRAN added value relies on the strength of its partner ecosystem. Across Systems, XTM International and Crosslang joined a lively partner discussion on the impact of Neural Machine Translation and the evolution of translators’ role from translation to edition. The prism of SYSTRAN solutions expands far beyond translation when tackling multilingual data intelligence applications with Infosquare, Bertin IT and ANITA project in the center of new use cases born with the introduction of Machine Translation technology in data management (event-driven applications for alerts, evidence extraction).

Beyond NMT, towards a cross-lingual universal model?

At the end of the day, Holger Schwenk, Researcher at Facebook gave an expert talk on Cross-lingual sentence representations.  Unlike NMT models which are generally trained on data in a single language, cross-lingual sentence representations are building universal representations independant of the source language. This research breakthrough opens new applications and gives good perspectives to tackle the challenge of collecting data in low-resource languages.

Overall, we had a great time! Thanks to everyone that contributed to make this SYSTRAN Community Day great !

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