Terminology & Neural Machine Translation: Our User Dictionary feature Explained!

Glossaries usually prove helpful to welcome a new colleague in your team, what if they were one of the best entry point to your domain for our models?

In various workplaces, a lot of knowledge is accumulated in lexicons, which uncover a wide variety of usages, from specifying specialized terms to introducing brand names and business concepts.

Based on more than 50 years of dedicated experience, our research team have presented at COLING 2020 the technique behind the User Dictionary feature, designed to polish machine translation and give it an appropriate flavor through words. This presentation has been recorded and is available here.

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SYSTRAN Launches a New Offer for International SMEs

Industry of Technology. SYSTRAN Enterprise Server is coming

SYSTRAN launches a new Enterprise Server edition called the Team Edition. This new edition is designed for small teams or services (R & D, project teams, etc.) who need to translate securely and at low costs. Continue reading