4 Ways SYSTRAN Provides Industry-Leading Turnaround Times

SYSTRAN provides industry-leading turnaround times

For many businesses, translation is a time-consuming, labor-intensive process. Human translators can take days to fully process, translate, and proof a few thousand words. Between sending jobs, communicating time frames and service prices, and receiving the actual translated document, businesses can spend several days waiting for a complete translation. 

SYSTRAN’s Neural Machine Translation (NMT) solution cuts that process down to seconds. Our OpenNMT-powered neural engine and hyper-scalable architecture can almost instantly process translation requests. For example, it can translate a double-spaced, one-page Word document in around one second. NMT frees up human translators from grunt work and allows them to tackle more impactful, growth-oriented business problems. 

Today, let’s discuss some of the features that allow us to provide those one-second, industry-leading turnaround times that facilitate nearly instant translations. 

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A New Approach to Software Localization with Lingoport and SYSTRAN

“This is really a new start of taking our technology and our partner technology and rethinking how software internationalization and localization is performed,” says Adam Asnes, Founder & CEO of Lingoport.

In March, Ken Behan, VP of Sales and Marketing at SYSTRAN joined Adam Asnes, the Founder & CEO of Lingoport, Olivier Libouban, Product Development Head at Lingoport, and Yuka Kurihara, Globalization Consultant, to discuss the undiscovered potential of internationalization and localization they recently unfurled through SYSTRAN and Lingoport’s partnership.

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SYSTRAN’s Role in Preventing Cross-Border Corruption

The FCPA or the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 made it illegal for U.S. citizens to bribe foreign government officials in exchange for new business or business favors.

Since then, this legislation has become a cornerstone for business compliance programs. Organizations around the country engage in compliance training to ensure that their employees aren’t found to be acting unethically or illegally when procuring new business in foreign countries.

Legislations for business compliance programs
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SYSTRAN Launches Podcast Exploring How Language Impacts Business & Government

If your job depends on understanding what’s being said in more than one language, SYSTRAN’s new podcast holds the answers.

Whether you’re trying to read an e-mail from a colleague, give an answer to a customer, or deliver accurate documentation across the globe, language plays a key role in determining the success of your actions. If you cannot communicate, then the action is useless. The same goes for finding evidence in a huge pile of multilingual data, increasing the value of your user-generate-content, running compliance programs internationally, or protecting a nation as a government organization. Language governs everything we do.

SYSTRAN aims to share the unique stories, stats, and perspective on how language impacts business and our everyday lives in a brand new podcast series, released today.

In the last 50 years, SYSTRAN has been delivering machine translation capabilities to Fortune 500, billion-dollar start-ups, education institutions, government communities and LSPs all over the globe. This has given the company a unique perspective across industries such as banking, finance, manufacturing, legal, internet, security, software, wearable devices and IoT.

Its newest technology, Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is disrupting the language translation industry by giving organizations access to higher quality machine translation than ever before. Unraveling where NMT and language intersect with the speed and security of a business is the aim of their new podcast.

“We’ve had the incredible opportunity to uncover how NMT intersects with big data, global teams, new user experiences and security, and that’s what we want to share with you every month through different Podcast Series,” says Craig Stern, Marketing Manager of the Americas at SYSTRAN.

It’s not always clear where NMT technology can fit into your workflow. In this podcast, SYSTRAN will uncover how companies are using SYSTRAN’s Pure Neural Machine Translation (PNMT) to gain market share and unexpected places where language translation is vital.

The first Podcast series, “The language of bribery, and the challenge of anti-corruption communications: a real-world story” will cover FCPA compliance and one man’s true recount of going to prison because of violating those laws.

The series is available now to listen on the following channels:

For more information, email [email protected]

SYSTRAN to Present on Neural Machine Translation at Association for Machine Translation in America Conference

This article was originally published on PR Newswire SYSTRAN to Present on Neural Machine Translation at Association for Machine Translation in America Conference

SYSTRAN, a global leader in language translation technology, presented at the Association for Machine Translation in America (AMTA) conference in Austin this month. The talk, titled “Building Renewable Language Assets in Government Domains,” included insights from the company’s latest efforts in Neural Machine Translation.

SYSTRAN presentation at Association for Machine Translation

The presentation, given by Beth Flaherty, SYSTRAN’s Director of Government Solutions, and Joshua Johanson, a computational linguist with SYSTRAN, discussed the company’s work in specific domains and languages of interest to the government.

“SYSTRAN welcomes this opportunity to share our accomplishments to date with the government community,” says Flaherty. “We will also reveal some of our plans to integrate neural network technology into our offerings to further serve the public sector with faster, smarter machine translation.”

As demand for multilingual content continues to increase, public-sector organizations struggle to produce content efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively. SYSTRAN’s software driven by machine translation provides organizations the ability to automatically translate audio and text in more than 130 different language pairs. The software can also be leveraged to perform real-time translation on intranets and other tools. At any given moment, users can translate entire sites, blogs or document to find and understand foreign language information in real-time.

SYSTRAN's stand at Association for Machine Translation

The AMTA conference took place in Austin, TX from October 28 through November 1. SYSTRAN’s presentation was scheduled for October 31 from 5 – 5:30 p.m. on the Government track. The company also exhibited at the Technology showcase on October 30 from 12:30 – 3:30 p.m.

To learn more about SYSTRAN and its machine translation technology, visit https://www.systransoft.com/.

SYSTRAN Demos Two New Integrations for Relativity at Relativity Fest 2016

This article was originally published on PR Newswire SYSTRAN Demos Two New Integrations for Relativity at Relativity Fest 2016

Conference room at Relativity Fest 2016 - SYSTRAN Demos Two New Integrations during the eventSYSTRAN, a global leader in language translation technology, will demo two new integrations for SYSTRAN’s offering of Relativity at Relativity Fest 2016 this Sunday in Chicago.

SYSTRAN is attending Relativity Fest as a silver sponsor. The company plans to demo two new integrations, aDiscovery and Anonymizer, for SYSTRAN’s offering of Relativity at the event. The aDiscovery feature will aid in audio discovery by transcribing audio files, detecting the source language and then translating the content. Anonymizer applies rigorous anonymization techniques to the full text and meta data of electronic documents within Relativity.

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