Managing Compliance Programs in Multiple Languages

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Regulatory compliance is expensive, but the cost of compliance related failure is much higher. The top US banks paid out fines amounting to $204 billion in 175 settlements dating back to 2009*. It is challenging for banks and financial institutions to adapt to the complexities of regulations in a global marketplace. Policies need to support the modern pace of transactions and international trade. Therefore, compliance professionals and the tools they use have an increasing need to make sense of communications or data in foreign languages.

Current software platforms address the need to understand, analyze, and review archived communications proficiently in English. However, a critical subset of that content happens in foreign languages that most of the existing platforms do not handle. The key to ensuring compliance of data in foreign languages is being able to perform
real-time translations at scale, either as a stand-alone capability or an integrated function of the review platform. No textual data – no matter its language – is left out of the monitoring or review processes.

In the world of risk management, the focus areas below are becoming increasingly multilingual and require a consistent effort to ensure sustained compliance:

  • Trading communications and conduct
  • BSA/AML Programs
  • Insider leaks, business conduct, and HR issues
  • Corporate social media policy


SYSTRAN’s real-time translation supports multilingual data compliance with class leading performance in data centers and enterprise networks around the globe. The incremental capabilities and gains include:

  • Automated or on-demand machine translation (MT)
    of the messages for review, audit, or discovery processes
  • Identify the foreign languages in messages at volume and scale
  • Store translated files for audit or review cycles
  • Increase productivity and optimize cost simultaneously with MT technology in comparison to acquiring human translation resources
  • Streamline workflows by eliminating deviations to ad-hoc processes just to discover content in other languages
  • Increase workflow efficiency by integrating MT capability into the workflow that is designed for one language

SYSTRAN, a global leader in language translation technology, will showcase its newest translation software, Pure Neural Machine Translation, at FIBA AML compliance conference in Miami, FL, March 6-8.

* source: Keefe, Bruyette & Woods (2015)


SYSTRAN has been helping commercial, defense, and national security organizations capture mission-critical data for the last 49 years. We operate globally with locations in Americas, Europe, and Asia.

As the first software company to introduce Neural Machine Translation technology, SYSTRAN is continuing to lead the innovation in language technologies. SYSTRAN’s brand new Purely Neural Machine Translation (PNMT) products utilize Neural Networks and Deep Learning algorithms to achieve unprecedented translation quality that is near human translation levels.

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SYSTRAN to Showcase Neural Machine Translation Technology at InnoXcell

This article was originally published on PR Newswire SYSTRAN to Showcase Neural Machine Translation Technology at InnoXcell

Two men discuss Neural Machine Translation Technology software during event. SYSTRAN, a global leader in language translation technology, showcased its newest translation software, called Pure Neural Machine Translation (PNMT), at the InnoXcell Annual Symposium focused on China-U.S. regulatory compliance and eDiscovery in New York City this month.
As an exhibitor and sponsor of the event, SYSTRAN’s team provided attendees an exclusive view of the PNMT concept and how it can be utilized by the legal and regulatory compliance industries to boost productivity and cut translation costs.

“Neural Machine Translation ushers in a new era for Language Productivity Tools, making MT a genuine alternative to human translation,” says Ken Behan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of SYSTRAN. “InnoXcell attendees will have a great opportunity to increase linguistic productivity in the GRC and eDiscovery world with this technology.”SYSTRAN strand during event. Neural Machine Translation Technology is the main topic.

Unlike statistical (SMT) or rule-based (RMT) translation engines, NMT engines process an entire sentence, paragraph or document taking into context the topic being discussed. The NMT engine models the whole process of machine translation through a unique artificial neural network, working similar to a human brain. The entire chain is processed end-to-end with no intermediate stages between the source sentence and the target, providing for more accurate translations.

As the legal industry increasingly works with multilingual content, such as emails from global companies, firms need a way to translate content quickly, reliably and cost-effectively. SYSTRAN’s software driven by machine translation provides organizations the ability to automatically translate audio and text in more than 130 different language pairs. The software can also be leveraged to perform real-time translation on intranets and other tools. At any given moment, users can translate entire sites, blogs or document to find and understand foreign-language info in real-time.

Two men are watching the camera during the event. Neural Machine Translation Technology software is the main topic. The InnoXcell conference took place in New York, NY on December 6. Attendees were able to learn more about the PNMT concept, how it works and what it will allow companies to do. To set up a meeting or schedule a demo, contact Craig Stern at [email protected]


For over 48 years, SYSTRAN transformed the way global organizations such as Apple, Adobe, Daimler, HSBC, and Symantec meet the challenges of communicating globally via advanced machine-based translation technology. With the ability to facilitate communication in over 130 languages and 20 vertical domains, SYSTRAN enables instantaneous and automatic multilingual translations for texts, emails, chat, web pages, mobile apps, documents, user-generated content and more.

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This article was originally published on PR Newswire SYSTRAN to Showcase Neural Machine Translation Technology at InnoXcell