Four Ways SYSTRAN’s Neural Machine Translation Supports Global Commerce

Explatory infographic the neural machine translation through Systran pure neural server and its process.
SYSTRAN Pure Neural Server Process // SYSTRAN

For staff of multinational companies who want to translate a simple phrase or word, systems like Google or Microsoft come in just handy. They help you order a taxi in Japan, pay your restaurant bill in France, and impress your clients with a hearty “jó reggelt” (“good morning”) in Budapest. The problem is such tools are notorious for imprecise translations and data leaks.

Would you really want to use Google Translate for that internal email to your affiliates in another country?

On the other hand, research from the European Parliament shows that on average a common language increases trade flows by 44%. So, how do you – and your staff – hack through language barriers and achieve professional communication in the business world?

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Meet us at European Manufacturing Summit and discover how AI enhances multilingual collaboration & content production

Meet us at EUROPEAN MANUFACTURING SUMMIT 2017 – 27-29 th November – and discover how Artificial Intelligence enhances multilingual collaboration & content production. We will handle a speaking session the Day 2, 28th at 2:40PM: “Supporting Lean Manufacturing Efforts with Machine Translation Technology

EMS Summit 2017 poster shows inside a car factory. European Manufacturing Summit is a key event for manufacturer

Today’s Manufacturers are more than ever embracing the digital age and globalization. Global organizations must become more inter-connected to enhance their real-time multilingual collaboration.

To support global lean manufacturing efforts, it is essential to integrate machine translation into the core of the value chain. This will break down language barriers while reducing time to market and achieve the desired levels of quality and cost.

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SYSTRAN sponsors the new conference gathering Internal Communication decison makers

SYSTRAN, leading provider of machine translation solutions, sponsors the event dedicated to Internal communication decision makers  that will take place June 8-9th at Hyatt Regency Etoile in Paris.

After its first launch in 2009, this event reborned this year answering a strong demand of internal communication professionals faced on multiple and complex issues such as the commitment of the employees, change management, risk management and social networks.

For minternational-communication-746201any years, SYSTRAN provides to HR managers, Internal Communication Directors, and CIO of international Groups with multilingual collaborative solutions, being integrated into the existing collaborative platforms. Companies such as PSA uses SYSTRAN on a daily basis to allow instant understanding of documents exchanged in multiple languages, and gives access to the translation tools within the enterprise applications by guaranteeing a complete confidentiality.

More details on the event (in French)