Four Ways SYSTRAN’s Neural Machine Translation Supports Global Commerce

Explatory infographic the neural machine translation through Systran pure neural server and its process.
SYSTRAN Pure Neural Server Process // SYSTRAN

For staff of multinational companies who want to translate a simple phrase or word, systems like Google or Microsoft come in just handy. They help you order a taxi in Japan, pay your restaurant bill in France, and impress your clients with a hearty “jó reggelt” (“good morning”) in Budapest. The problem is such tools are notorious for imprecise translations and data leaks.

Would you really want to use Google Translate for that internal email to your affiliates in another country?

On the other hand, research from the European Parliament shows that on average a common language increases trade flows by 44%. So, how do you – and your staff – hack through language barriers and achieve professional communication in the business world?

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Huffington Post Interview with Ken Behan – Have Multilingual Customers? Here’s a Solution for You

This article was originally published on The Huffington Post  Have Multilingual Customers? Here’s a Solution for You (Interview With Ken Behan)

Ken Behan, Vice President of SYSTRAN, happy to share advices et thoughts about multilingual customers

“Languages are intriguing and challenging at the same time”

As kids we were always intrigued by the way Google Translator worked. While it translated those famous French quotes for us, there were limitations which even Google couldn’t surpass. Since then, language has been a barrier— hindering our global crusades. Be it a worldwide competition or business meetups across countries, a common language would have been the best idea which sadly is pretty hard thing to materialize.

Even readers at the Huffingtonpost must have had difficulties with other country specific domains, offering great pieces of work which couldn’t be accessed— owing the language barrier.

Here we interview Ken Behan, Vice President, SYSTRAN Software Inc. and understand what sort of challenges we face when it comes to a multilingual platform like the Internet. We will be asking him about the process involved with translations and analysis apart from the levels of accuracy. Lastly, he will be talking about the company and what purposes it can serve, towards the common good of this society.

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SYSTRAN to exhibit at GITEX 2015 in Dubai

Official logo of 35th Gitex Edition at Dubai. Clouds, Multilingual technologies & translation will be main topics

Employees are increasingly using Cloud services without even notifying the IT department. This behavior is not risk free and the use of translation services on the Web is among one of these risky practices. Confidential breaches, lack of compliance and cyber security vulnerabilities are the major threats. Continue reading

SYSTRAN to grant a Gold Partner certification to CSF Computer Solutions Facility AG

SYSTRAN has granted a Gold Partner certification to Computer Solutions Facility AG, an IT service provider based in Muttenz, Switzerland. This partnership is a new step to Continue reading

SYSTRAN to launch SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8

Smart robot make faster translations. The power of SYSTRAN's Enterprise Server 8 launch

Better, Smarter, Faster Translations!

On November 20, SYSTRAN officially launched its new version of SYSTRAN Enterprise Server in Paris. This new version puts an emphasis on Continue reading

SYSTRAN will be exhibiting at Gitex in Dubai

Gitex Technology Week Official Banner

The GITEX Technology week is the largest ICT event in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. The 34rh edition will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on 12-16 Oct 2014 in Dubai World Trade Centre. Continue reading

How to make your instant messaging multilingual: introducing SYSTRAN Add-On for Microsoft Lync

Icone Communication   In today’s digital world, multilingual communication is more than a vital business asset; it’s key to corporate survival. Social media networks have smashed geographic, political, and cultural barriers. Economic globalization, including the rise of emerging economies, has made effective cross-border communication Continue reading

Boehringer Ingelheim selects SYSTRAN

Boehringer Ingelheim official logo

The pharmaceutical giant, Boehringer Ingelheim has partnered with SYSTRAN to provide the company’s worldwide collaborators with user-friendly translation tools in order to facilitate multilingual communication. Continue reading

SYSTRAN is Gold Sponsor at Influence Day

Come to meet us at Influence Day Paris on September, 18!

As a Gold Sponsor, SYSTRAN will give a presentation at 11:15 am, to demonstrate how Semantic Search Software or Data Mining Systems can benefit from SYSTRAN new Linguistic Technologies. SYSTRAN will also participate to the plenary session scheduled at 2:00 pm.

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