SYSTRAN Demos Two New Integrations for Relativity at Relativity Fest 2016

This article was originally published on PR Newswire SYSTRAN Demos Two New Integrations for Relativity at Relativity Fest 2016

Conference room at Relativity Fest 2016 - SYSTRAN Demos Two New Integrations during the eventSYSTRAN, a global leader in language translation technology, will demo two new integrations for SYSTRAN’s offering of Relativity at Relativity Fest 2016 this Sunday in Chicago.

SYSTRAN is attending Relativity Fest as a silver sponsor. The company plans to demo two new integrations, aDiscovery and Anonymizer, for SYSTRAN’s offering of Relativity at the event. The aDiscovery feature will aid in audio discovery by transcribing audio files, detecting the source language and then translating the content. Anonymizer applies rigorous anonymization techniques to the full text and meta data of electronic documents within Relativity.

The crowd is enthousiastic; Waiting for SYSTRAN Demos
Anonymization can be used to mask identifying details in documents such as names, addresses, identification numbers, places, amounts and so forth when reading the anonymized documents; however, anonymized documents retain sufficient information for most relevancy reviews. Users also have the ability to “pseudononymize” selected names replacing pre-identified names with chosen pseudonyms on a mass basis to provide another option for privacy protection.

By 2020, Gartner predicts that 80 percent of litigation will involve multiple languages. The features are meant to assist with multi-language or cross-border e-discovery, giving legal teams a cost-effective method to translate files efficiently.

“SYSTRAN’s offering for Relativity enables organizations to maximize productivity during e-discovery by tapping into automatic translation and Natural Language Processing (NLP) instead of the time-intensive alternatives,” says Ken Behan, SYSTRAN vice president of sales and marketing. “These new integrations are going to change the way modern day legal teams handle multi-language files during e-discovery.”

Men standing in front of SYSTRAN's stand. SYSTRAN Demos will be the main event;

In addition to the new integrations, SYSTRAN’s offering for Relativity automatically detects languages of files, translates documents that have multiple languages, and bulk translates using the Mass Action feature in Relativity. Organizations using Relativity are also able to support their billing process by accurately reflecting the workload completed.

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For over 48 years, SYSTRAN transformed the way global organizations such as Apple, Adobe, Daimler, HSBC, and Symantec meet the challenges of communicating globally via advanced machine-based translation technology. With the ability to facilitate communication in over 130 languages and 20 vertical domains, SYSTRAN enables instantaneous and automatic multilingual translations for texts, emails, chat, web pages, mobile apps, documents, user-generated content and more.

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This article was originally published on PR Newswire  SYSTRAN SYSTRAN Demos Two New Integrations for Relativity at Relativity Fest 2016