SYSTRAN to debut SYSTRAN Relativity Connector during Relativity Fest

Relativity Fest Chicago

This Sunday marks the first day of Relativity Fest in Chicago, where SYSTRAN will showcase the SYSTRAN Relativity Connector, a language translation tool designed to assist Relativity users during the e-discovery process.

Relativity is an e-discovery software developed by kCura specifically for corporations, law firms, and government agencies. Recently voted as the Best Predictive Coding Solution and Best Online Review Platform by legal professionals in the New York Law Journal Reader, Relativity provides a platform for users to install assistive software integrations from the Relativity Ecosystem created by Relativity partners and the [email protected] team.

SYSTRAN has partnered with Relativity to create the SYSTRAN Relativity Connector. The Connector provides a bridge between Relativity and the SYSTRAN Enterprise Server allowing users to securely translate confidential information in real-time.

“The SYSTRAN Connector for kCura Relativity was developed in response to SYSTRAN’s growth amongst e-discovery clients and interest expressed by current SYSTRAN and kCura Relativity customers,” said John Paul Barraza, Vice President of Operations at SYSTRAN. “The collaboration between SYSTRAN and kCura will bring secure, fast, on-premise multi-lingual e-discovery capabilities to Relativity users. Relativity users will be able to perform discovery on foreign language content after the content is loaded into the Relativity platform and translated automatically by SYSTRAN’s market leading hybrid machine translation engine.”

The SYSTRAN Relativity Connector also offers users flexibility when translating documents; customers can translate any document compatible with Relativity, they can select either single or multiple documents to translate, and they can select from 40+ languages with the ability to tailor translations to a specific industry or subject.

SYSTRAN will provide attendees with a demo of the SYSTRAN Relativity Connector during Relativity Fest on October 12-15.

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