A unique partnership for automatic translation and information automatic indexation in Arabic.

SYSTRAN and TECHLIMED have signed a partnership agreement in order to integrate SYSTRAN technology into TECHLIMED advanced search solutions. An ad hoc offer proposed for a better translation, indexation and information search that will be presented very soon to markets.

TECHLIMED offers the largest lexical database in Arabic with a full description of 230 million words. It offers as well an expertise in analysis and natural language processing. The partnership between the two companies is based on managing information in Arabic, a booming language. The increased volume of data, the states Arabization policies, and the effort of governments and large companies to digitize their archives are all main reasons for an accelerating demand.

TECHLIMED as a provider of analysis, indexation and information search softwares expands now its offer with end-to-end workflow solutions to serve its major customers (e-gov, banking and insurance sectors, legal sector, cybersecurity and media).

After adopting data extraction technology (OCR), TECHLIMED completes the functional cover of its solutions by adding translation. Administrations and large companies in the MENA area (Middle East-North Africa) are now able to acquire solutions dedicated to Arabic information management such as extraction, analysis, data processing, translation, indexation, and information search.

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