SYSTRAN partners with Sinequa in the field of Defense & Security

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Sinequa and SYSTRAN cooperate in the field of military intelligence, cyber-defence and electronic investigation.

The aim of this cooperation is to create a solution of choice that detects and processes critical information in multiple languages and provide an exhaustive view of a given topic. Combining Sinequa and SYSTRAN solutions together enhances Sinequa’s analytical capabilities, allowing key concepts to emerge from the analysis of textual content. The added value of this partnership rests on SYSTRAN’s ability to instantly translate over 45 languages in a secure manner, and Sinequa’s ability to provide a comprehensive platform for the processing of Big Data in order to analyse, retrieve and categorise the relevant information in real time.

SYSTRAN’s translation technologies perfectly complement our Big Data search and analysis solution. Together, we are significantly expanding our operational vision while offering a clear understanding of the subject“, added Xavier Pornain, VP of Sales & Alliances at Sinequa.

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