SYSTRAN launches SYSTRAN 8 Translator

SYSTRAN 8 Translator is a new machine translation software for desktops

… that helps consumers, freelancers and businesses to instantaneously understand foreign languages and exchange information securely and efficiently.

SYSTRAN 8 Translator is designed for individuals, freelancers and businesses who need to quickly translate all types of documents to better understand them. With a new user interface, it has become extremely simple to translate text, Web pages, Microsoft Office documents, emails, or to look up the definition of a word or phrase in a dictionary. As all features are accessible without an Internet connection, private or professional translations remain confidential. Furthermore, SYSTRAN 8 Translator provides the ability to customize the translation by creating user dictionaries and translation memories to improve the accuracy of translations.


In this release, more languages are offered and users can now select the language pairs they need. New ones can be added at any time based on users’ changing translation needs.

New features have been implemented to further simplify the understanding of multilingual documents, including:

PDF documents processing. Thanks to a technology agreement signed with I.R.I.S, a leader in intelligent document recognition, SYSTRAN 8 Translator converts PDF
documents into editable text in order to be translated.
Integration of translation tools in web browsers. Now available for Chrome browsers in addition to Internet Explorer and Firefox.
OmniTranslator. Useful for translating application menus or Excel cells for example, this feature instantly translates any text on the screen by simply hovering the mouse pointer over a specific element.
Batch file translation has been enhanced with additional filter options.

Compatible with Windows 7.8 and 10, SYSTRAN 8 Translator is available in two editions in the SYSTRAN online store:
• The “Essential” edition allows users to easily communicate in multiple languages and costs €79.
• The “Professional” edition for €249, suits more demanding users who need a full integration with their professional environment to work and collaborate more efficiently in foreign languages.

Learn more about the two editions here: