Setting a Machine Translation Quality Industry Benchmark

taus-logo-2. SYSTRAN will give advices for industry benchmarking

In the spirit of CANI (constant and never-ending improvement) and our continuous quality improvement initiatives, SYSTRAN will be attending the TAUS QE Summit San Jose 2015.

Our V.P. of Operations, JP Barraza, will be leading a session surrounding translation industry benchmarking.

More information on this machine translation industry conference is located here:  TAUS SUMMIT 2015

Session Details:

Wednesday Oct, 12, 2015

12:00 / Topic 4: Benchmarking Machine Translation engines
Session leader: JP Barraza (Systran)
Discussants: Julie Chang (Intel), Karin Berghoefer (Appen), Tony O’Dowd (KantanMT)

Towards industry benchmarking of MT engines and a database of MT use cases

One of the main problems in the translation industry today is the lack of benchmarking. T9. They want to save on some content and invest more in other. They also want to know how the different engines are performing on different content in different language pairs. How can we be sure MT providers deliver what they are paid for?

Benchmarking MT engines and creating a library of MT use cases are one way to move forward. Using industry benchmarking based on evaluation and productivity data is another option.  One way or another, buyers need to be able to compare and benchmark MT solutions to make informed decisions.
Also, we’ll be exhibiting at the TAUS conference on both October 12th and 13th. TAUS 2015 AGENDA

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