Semantic Technology for Multilingual Big Data

SYSTRAN has granted a Gold Partner Certification to Expert System, a leader in semantic technology and the creator of Cogito. The goal of this partnership is to help companies collect, search and analyze even more information sources in multiple languages with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Systems that quickly process and analyze multi-lingual content, are vital in data analytics, eDiscovery, computer forensics and other business-critical disciplines. Intelligence analysts and other knowledge/information workers face a multitude of challenges in today’s Big Data environment, including more non-English web content to analyze and dramatically reduced decision-making time. Businesses and defense and security organizations must integrate real-time translation capabilities into multilingual data processing systems that can spot crucial information in any language.

Diagram with SYSTRAN_FINAL. Semantic Technology for Multilingual Big Data. SYSTRAN has granted a Gold Partner Certification to Expert System

SYSTRAN’s translation of multilingual sources, combined with Cogito’s deep understanding of any type of text, supports intelligence analysts with the highest quality translations in all phases of their activities, ensuring collection of sources in multiple languages and enabling more timely and accurate responses.

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