Securely manage your translation needs during an eDiscovery process

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SYSTRAN has joined the kCura Relativity Developer Program to integrate the SYSTRAN Relativity Connector. The SYSTRAN Relativity Connector provides a connection between Relativity and the SYSTRAN Enterprise Server, allowing users to translate multilingual documents during the e-discovery process, directly within Relativity. Most importantly, the connection to the SYSTRAN Enterprise Server offers Relativity customers the best security for confidential documents.

Continuing, users save time and money because translations are produced in real-time and the need for localization or human translation is drastically reduced. Lastly, users have a lot of flexibility when translating documents; customers can translate any document compatible with Relativity, they can select either single or multiple documents to translate, and they can select from 40+ languages with the ability to tailor translations to a specific industry or subject.

The SYSTRAN Relativity Connector makes use of a Relativity Agent to handle user translation requests and routes these to the SYSTRAN Enterprise Server for translation and then returns results to the user in custom Relativity fields. It provides configuration and feedback to the user with custom workspace and Admin pages and performs direct SQL access to store this information.  The Connector is easy to install using Relativity’s Application Deployment System (ADS).

Watch a demo Here