IRIS and SYSTRAN sign OEM agreement to integrate IRIS OCR


SYSTRAN is pleased to announce together with IRIS, member of Canon Group, European leader in Mobile Scanning peripherals, Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR), Information Management and Optimized IT Infrastructure (ICT), an OEM agreement to enhance SYSTRAN products translation capabilities.

IRIS OCR (optical character recognition) technology is the heart of IRIS Products & Technologies division. For 30 years, IRIS engineers are improving the OCR engine transforming IRIS in an international leader on this market, recognized by prestigious brands such as Hewlett-Packard or Adobe to name a few.

To keep it simple, IRIS OCR is able to ‘read’ an image in more than 130 languages and transform the pixels into an editable text. Once the image is recognized, the computer automatically retypes the scanned text. It allows to free the information captured into scanned documents and to make it available for archiving or sharing purposes.

With this agreement, SYSTRAN will integrate IRIS OCR into two of its bestselling solutions: SYSTRAN Enterprise Server and SYSTRAN Desktop. IRIS OCR will be used to convert PDF documents into text in order to allow SYSTRAN solutions to analyze or translate the extracted text. This agreement has been possible thanks to the very good synchronization between the two parts to put in place a win-win partnership. SYSTRAN also chose IRIS OCR engine because of IRIS technology quality, the speed of the document recognition as well as the wide coverage of platform and modules IRIS offered (Win, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, …).

Powered by robust IRIS OCR capabilities,  business users will be able to process scanned documents in more than 45 languages and thus render them easier to modify, translate, share and archive!