Dassault Falcon Service use case

Two-planes-close. Dassault Falcon

How to facilitate the understanding of English-language documentations in the workshops

A subsidiary of Dassault Aviation located at Paris-Le Bourget Airport, Dassault Falcon Service (DFS) is the world’s biggest Falcon aircraft maintenance center. It provides its customers with a comprehensive range of services, including scheduled maintenance, interior renovation and modernization, engine and avionics modifications, servicing, repairs and equipment testing.

To deliver these services as promptly as possible and in compliance with quality requirements, the service technicians conduct their work by referring to job control cards, created and written in English by the aircraft manufacturer. As part of an English-language training plan, DFS sought to deploy tools that would assist with understanding, and thus turned to SYSTRAN’s automatic translation solutions.

The objective behind the deployment of these tools is twofold: to empower service technicians in terms of linguistic self-sufficiency by providing them with straightforward, high-performance tools that promote understanding, and to cope with employees’ increasing needs in terms of translation.

DFS deployed SYSTRAN Enterprise Server on its intranet and made it accessible by a limited group of employees. This solution meets the constraints laid down by the IT department, in particular those concerning security. A bilingual French-English dictionary containing DFS-specific technical vocabulary was specially developed to ensure both the relevance of the translations and users’ adherence. By drawing on existing maintenance manuals that have already been translated, SYSTRAN has also implemented machine-learning tools to create a translation model that contributes to final translation quality.

At the end of the day, DFS has an operational, easy-to-use translation tool. SYSTRAN’s customization effort helps deliver quality translations that accommodate the vocabulary specific to its business. This additional level of working comfort is now much appreciated by the service technicians.

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