How to make your instant messaging multilingual: introducing SYSTRAN Add-On for Microsoft Lync

Icone Communication   In today’s digital world, multilingual communication is more than a vital business asset; it’s key to corporate survival. Social media networks have smashed geographic, political, and cultural barriers. Economic globalization, including the rise of emerging economies, has made effective cross-border communication essential to successful collaboration. In a survey conducted in 2012 by the Economist Intelligence Unit, C-level executives recognized better cross-border collaboration has been a critical factor in the improvement of their organization’s performance over the past three years. The survey indicates companies that improve their ability to communicate clearly to customers and colleagues around the globe will have a definite advantage and will see a positive change in profit, revenue, and market share.

Solving cross-border communication and collaboration barriers

Collaborative tools such as instant messaging (IM) hold strong promises of better, more productive cross-border communication for companies. However, language barriers still exist and can mitigate these benefits. Promoting real-time communication through collaborative tools may also generate significant stress for employees with low language proficiency or even exclude key people from critical information flows.

What if your instant messaging service became multilingual?

Let’s imagine your organization has many employees located around the world and your looking for a way to encourage more interaction without the limitation of language barriers. A few months ago, SYSTRAN designed a solution that seamlessly integrates machine translation capabilities into Microsoft Lync, an instant messaging application, allowing users to chat in their native language.

SYSTRAN Add-On for Microsoft Lync is an application packaged with the SYSTRAN Enterprise Server. Once the translation server is setup and the easy-to-install Add-On for MS Lync is opened, users can select their favorite language and then start a multilingual chat in a dedicated window. All the received and sent messages will be translated into the selected language. To ensure translation quality, SYSTRAN has specifically developed translation models meant for chat. Original messages (i.e. non-translated messages) are still visible in the primary MS Lync chatter screen.

MS Lync Addon screenshot

Secure, high-quality communication in international markets

When SYSTRAN Enterprise Server is installed behind the firewall, translated data is protected and doesn’t leave the corporate network. Moreover, employees can have an instant conversation with their foreign colleagues without the stress of language barriers. Last but not least, to assure translation quality, SYSTRAN offers customization services that enable the translation server to deliver domain-specific translations based on in-house content and dictionaries.

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