SYSTRAN’s Role in Preventing Cross-Border Corruption

The FCPA or the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 made it illegal for U.S. citizens to bribe foreign government officials in exchange for new business or business favors.

Since then, this legislation has become a cornerstone for business compliance programs. Organizations around the country engage in compliance training to ensure that their employees aren’t found to be acting unethically or illegally when procuring new business in foreign countries.

Legislations for business compliance programs
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Online Translation Tools and Data Breaches

Man is holding a tablet through which he has access to users data.

Is Your Team Violating Data Compliance Laws?

Data leakage and lack of information are two critical issues that can harm businesses. Nonetheless, due to the ever-growing global marketing and communication needs, the temptation to use the fast and free online translation tools are rising.

Apart from the apparent dangers that these tools pose to businesses such as miscommunication, loss of business, and cultural insults, there is critical important threat that many enterprises often fail to recognize. 

Whenever an employee uses a free online translation tool, they may cause massive data privacy breaches by making the consumer data searchable. Data breaches as such mainly happen due to employee negligence looking for quick machine translation, and it can often put millions of customers’ sensitive data at exposed on the internet.

Companies thus struggle to find the right balance between enabling business and securing information. Without the capability of translating software, potentially hundreds, if not thousands, of employees could turn to free translation tools to get their content translated in turn making the content available online.

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SYSTRAN Celebrates 50 Years in Business

SYSTRAN 50th anniversary celebration logo. "50th anniversary" terms has a yellow background.

SYSTRAN celebrates its golden anniversary as a machine translation company by looking back at their most memorable milestones.

In the last 50 years, SYSTRAN has had the great pleasure of delivering machine translation capabilities to the Fortune 500, unicorn start-ups, education institutions, non-profits, government communities and LSPs worldwide. They’ve arrived at a unique vantage point across industries such as banking, finance, manufacturing, legal, internet, security, software, wearable devices and IoT.

“To have experienced decades of SYSTRAN’s impact on technology and culture has been a gift,” says Denis A. Gachot, CEO of SYSTRAN Software Inc. “However, what I find more inspiring is the intention of our founder Peter Toma when starting SYSTRAN.”

“I felt deeply that I had to devote my energy to the elimination of world conflict causing factors. As a first step to overcome the language problem, I felt that I should know as many languages as possible and use technology so others could be understood.” – Peter Toma

From powering the translation that helped the U.S. and Soviet astronauts communicate, bringing on-line translation to the internet and assisting the F500 corporations to collaborate globally, these moments not only commemorate their longevity, but they also show their values.

Commenting on reaching 50, Chairman Mr. Chang-Jin Ji believes that SYSTRAN would not be celebrating today if it was not for the dedication of employees around the globe to customer support and innovation. “I truly thank them and the loyal support we have received from our customers.”

Looking to the future, this month SYSTRAN will launch a new generation of their server solution, SYSTRAN Pure Neural® Server, that pushes the quality and fluency boundary further than ever before explains Jean Senellart, Global CTO of SYSTRAN. “This new release benefits from the state-of-the-art research in neural translation and brings to our customers these technologies for their specialized models in a fully integrated solution. Our commitment to Open Source through the OpenNMT project, now comprising more than 1,600 members, has been pushing our development teams to achieve excellence, and is raising the bar for the whole industry.”

See SYSTRAN’s most memorable moments in this commemorative video.

Contact: | Craig Stern | Director of Marketing |

SYSTRAN Launches Podcast Exploring How Language Impacts Business & Government

If your job depends on understanding what’s being said in more than one language, SYSTRAN’s new podcast holds the answers.

Whether you’re trying to read an e-mail from a colleague, give an answer to a customer, or deliver accurate documentation across the globe, language plays a key role in determining the success of your actions. If you cannot communicate, then the action is useless. The same goes for finding evidence in a huge pile of multilingual data, increasing the value of your user-generate-content, running compliance programs internationally, or protecting a nation as a government organization. Language governs everything we do.

SYSTRAN aims to share the unique stories, stats, and perspective on how language impacts business and our everyday lives in a brand new podcast series, released today.

In the last 50 years, SYSTRAN has been delivering machine translation capabilities to Fortune 500, billion-dollar start-ups, education institutions, government communities and LSPs all over the globe. This has given the company a unique perspective across industries such as banking, finance, manufacturing, legal, internet, security, software, wearable devices and IoT.

Its newest technology, Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is disrupting the language translation industry by giving organizations access to higher quality machine translation than ever before. Unraveling where NMT and language intersect with the speed and security of a business is the aim of their new podcast.

“We’ve had the incredible opportunity to uncover how NMT intersects with big data, global teams, new user experiences and security, and that’s what we want to share with you every month through different Podcast Series,” says Craig Stern, Marketing Manager of the Americas at SYSTRAN.

It’s not always clear where NMT technology can fit into your workflow. In this podcast, SYSTRAN will uncover how companies are using SYSTRAN’s Pure Neural Machine Translation (PNMT) to gain market share and unexpected places where language translation is vital.

The first Podcast series, “The language of bribery, and the challenge of anti-corruption communications: a real-world story” will cover FCPA compliance and one man’s true recount of going to prison because of violating those laws.

The series is available now to listen on the following channels:

For more information, email

We are SYSTRAN and we love languages…

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Two people communicate remotely. SYSTRAN Banner

We are SYSTRAN. We love languages, lots of languages. We are a human-sized company but we have linguists for almost all of the 140 language pairs we support.  That’s a big number, but don’t be misled- some of us are fluent in many languages. Nevertheless, we love languages and we don’t believe in the one-fits-all technology regarding language processing.

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Nous sommes SYSTRAN et nous adorons les langues…

Cliquez ici pour lire la version en anglais

Deux personnes communiquent à distance. SYSTRAN Banner

Nous sommes SYSTRAN. Nous adorons les langues, toutes les langues. Nous sommes une entreprise à taille humaine mais nous avons des linguistes pour les 140 paires de langues que nous supportons. C’est un nombre qui peut paraître élevé mais bien sûr certains d’entre nous sont polyglottes. Nous sommes passionnés par les langues et leur diversité et nous ne croyons pas en une solution technologique unique en matière de traitement linguistique.

Nous sommes SYSTRAN et nous existons depuis 48 ans… et oui ! depuis les débuts de la traduction automatique. Nous ne sommes pas jeunes et fous mais avec l’âge vient la sagesse et nous avons contribué toutes ces années aux plus grandes avancées technologiques de la traduction automatique. Nous sommes et avons peut-être toujours été jeunes et fous après tout !

Nous sommes SYSTRAN, et nous aimons aussi la technologie et les langages de programmation et beaucoup d’entre nous “parlent couramment” nombre d’entre eux.

Nous sommes SYSTRAN et nous avons vécu les différentes vagues d’engouement pour la traduction automatique toutes ces années. Nous avons déjà adapté et transformé notre technologie au fil des ans pour nous maintenir à l’avant-garde du marché, mais cette fois nous croyons profondément que quelque chose d’entièrement nouveau arrive. Il ne s’agit pas d’une encyclopédie interminable de descriptions de langues. Il ne s’agit pas non plus de rassembler d’énormes quantités de données et de les traiter dans de grands centres de données. Cette fois-ci, c’est différent. Cette fois-ci, c’est vraiment intelligent, et ça nous ressemble !

Nous sommes SYSTRAN et nous nous engageons à faciliter la communication entre les personnes en leur fournissant la meilleure technologie de traduction adaptée à leurs cas spécifiques d’utilisation.

Nous sommes SYSTRAN et nous sommes conscients que de nombreuses personnes talentueuses ne travaillent pas chez SYSTRAN mais partagent notre passion et nos objectifs. Nous avons donc décidé de nous rapprocher d’elles et de collaborer ensemble.

Parce que nous sommes SYSTRAN, parce que nous aimons les langues et la technologie, parce que nous voulons apporter à nos clients l’excellence, et parce que nous croyons dans le partage et l’ouverture, nous suivons de près la traduction automatique neuronale depuis sa création, et nous avons décidé de nous y plonger et de partager notre expérience.

Il y a quelques semaines, nous avons annoncé le lancement imminent de notre nouvelle technologie: Pure Neural™ Machine Translation, complétant notre vaste panel de technologies disponibles. Nos chercheurs, linguistes et ingénieurs ont passé des jours et des nuits sur des tests, des développements, des entrainements, ils ont travaillé sur les entrainements GPU pendant plus de 50,000 heures cumulées et nous sommes fiers d’annoncer la première version de notre Pure Neural™ Machine Translation dont une version de test est disponible ici : La description technique détaillée de nos procédés et résultats est également disponible ici.

Ce n’est qu’une première version, mais nous avons chaque jour un peu plus de raisons d’être excités par les améliorations observées. Nous avons également remarqué de nouveaux comportements qui ne fonctionneront pas pour nos clients et nous travaillons à les résoudre. Même si ce n’est que notre première version, nous avons déjà une dizaine de grands clients qui vont participer à un programme bêta-test et s’assurer que la technologie répond vraiment à leurs besoins. Après cette phase de validation en situation réelle pendant quelques mois, nos clients pourront utiliser cette technologie dans leurs flux de production.

Soyons clairs, cette technologie innovante ne remplacera pas les traducteurs humains. Elle ne produit pas non plus une traduction presque indissociable de la traduction humaine – mais nous sommes convaincus que les résultats que nous avons connus jusqu’ici marquent le début d’une ère nouvelle dans les technologies de traduction et qu’elle contribuera certainement à faciliter la communication entre les personnes. Comme c’est le cas pour toute technologie, ce n’est qu’une pièce du puzzle. Nous sommes SYSTRAN et nous travaillons chaque jour pour fabriquer la meilleure pièce possible.

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Testez notre démonstrateur PNMT en ligne

Lisez notre deuxième “PNMT Insights”: How does Neural Machine Translation work

Découvrez la technologie et les procédés utilisés pour les entrainements dans notre rapport technique

Purely Neural Machine Translation News: Issue #1

Review by SYSTRAN entitled Purely Neural Machine Translation (PNMT) Insight Number 1Project “PNMT” for Purely Neural Machine Translation was this year’s flagship project for the researchers and developers at SYSTRAN.

SYSTRAN brings its expertise in several ways: contributing to research on neural models; applying its know-how in terminology to increase the potential of Neural Machine Translation; and industrializing technology to make it available to companies, organizations and individuals.
We will keep you posted each month and share best practices, research paper, customers insights, product news…

You can download the first issue here.

SYSTRAN announces the launch of its “Purely Neural MT” engine, a revolution for the machine translation market

The first engine to be based on neural models and deep learning, delivering unparalleled translation quality!

View of a neuron for the launch of Purely Neural MT by SYSTRAN

Project “PNMT” (Purely Neural Machine Translation) was this year’s flagship project for the researchers and developers at SYSTRAN, the leading provider in machine translation and natural language processing, confirming its pioneer position for over 40 years.

SYSTRAN brings its expertise to the sector in several ways: contributing to research on neural models; applying its know-how in terminology to increase the potential of Neural Machine Translation; and industrializing technology to make it available to companies, organizations and individuals.


SYSTRAN and PETIT FUTE, rewarded at the Digital Innovation Challenge for their Ready2go! project

A brand new travel guide and translator coming soon

Systran et Petit Fute logos.

SYSTRAN and PETIT FUTE’s Ready2go! project, an innovative mobile application for tourists from all over the world, has been rewarded at the 3rd edition of Digital Innovation Challenge supervised by the General Commission for Investment (CGI), and backed by the Directorate General for Enterprise (DGE) and Bpifrance.

Logos of French Ministery and BPI France

The Digital Innovation Challenge rewards projects based on new technologies, innovative uses, disruptive business models, etc. In this 3rd edition, 79 projects were reviewed, 34 audited and 18 rewarded. The ceremony took place on June 16th in the presence of Axelle Lemaire, French Secretary of State for the Digital Economy.

Picture of Participants to the Digital Innovation Challenge. SYSTRAN is represent by his CEO & Global CTO Jean Senellart

Crédit photo : mein-DHSimon

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SYSTRAN and CNRS signed a Memorandum of Understanding

CNRS Logo SYSTRAN and CNRS signed last Friday, 3rd of June, a Memorandum of Understanding to unify their research capabilities and build the next generation of language intelligence.Pictures of Mr Changjin Ji, President of SYSTRAN International, Mr Jean Senellart Director General of SYSTRAN SA and Mr Patrick Nedellec, Director of International Relations of CNRS, the famous science research institute

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