Boehringer Ingelheim selects SYSTRAN

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The pharmaceutical giant, Boehringer Ingelheim has partnered with SYSTRAN to provide the company’s worldwide collaborators with user-friendly translation tools in order to facilitate multilingual communication.

Business is becoming increasingly international with employees, clients, and partners spread all around the world working in many different languages. In an effort to interpret and communicate with each other, companies utilize Web-based machine translation services, which are often unsecure. Such practices put intellectual property and sensitive information at risk with potential for heavy financial damages. Because of this, information security is one of the major concerns for global IT departments, as was the case for Boehringer Ingelheim.

Boehringer Ingelheim is a large research and development company dedicated to manufacturing and marketing pharmaceuticals that improve people’s health and quality of life. BI operates globally with more than 47,400 employees working in 142 affiliated companies worldwide. In order for BI’s employees to effectively collaborate, they need to translate local documents such as emails, letter, contracts, and presentations into English, the official corporate language. However, secure collaboration between employees had posed a tremendous challenge for the pharmaceutical company. So, BI sought to find a solution through a translation tool that would allow the company’s affiliates to share such documents securely and efficiently.

and so the “translation tool project” was launched. Hence, the project allowed them to share and capitalize all knowledge globally within the group.

SYSTRAN solution

To ensure information security, Boehringer Ingelheim wanted to install a machine translation software solution on its own infrastructure and deploy it on the global intranet. BI was looking for a scalable and customized solution that offered a high level of availability and also wanted to choose a company with a proven track record of supporting large organizations. Because of these requirements, BI partnered with SYSTRAN.

To meet the company’s needs, SYSTRAN proposed SYSTRAN Enterprise Server, a centralized, on premise translation server along with a complete range of high-performance tools for effective management of translation projects. Through a Web-based interface, users can instantly translate texts, emails, Web pages, RSS feeds, and documents in a wide variety of file formats, without breach of confidentiality. Desktop users also benefit from SYSTRAN Toolbar plugins for Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), as well as for Web browsers Internet Explorer and Firefox. With these plugins, anyone in the organization can perform translations while preserving the original document layout. Dictionary lookup functions are also directly available from these applications. In addition, the SYSTRAN Client Services Team also provided linguistic customizations (generic translation models) to integrate Boehringer Ingelheim terminology and improve the translation quality specific to the life science industry.

The net result: enhanced cross-border communication

With 23 language pairs available, BI’s worldwide collaborators are performing 50,000 translation requests per week. The company benefits from improved cross-border communication without putting confidential information at risk. To fully comply with the company’s information security policy, BI has planned to close all access to free translation services by the end of 2014.

Being selected as a trusted supplier by Boehringer Ingelheim rewards our significant research and development efforts,” said Gilles Montier, Sales Director of SYSTRAN. “We shall make every effort to help them turn the machine translation system into a corporate-wide strategic asset.”

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