5 reasons why SYSTRAN should be your preferred translation website

SYSTRAN Translate for free online translation

In July 2019 we launched SYSTRAN Translate, our free online translator. We were rencently thrilled when it reached the symbolic milestone of 1 million users.

You probably think that there are already lots of translation websites out there, so what does make this one different?

1. The Human Factor

SYSTRAN Translate is powered by Neural Machine Translation. In addition, we are also bringing in human expertise with a community of language experts all around the world to train translation models and make them even better. That’s right, our neural translation models are in the hands of experts.

2. Reduced Environmental impact

We recognize that Artificial Intelligence is extremely energy greedy. That’s why we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our technology: we chose a responsible infrastructure, OVH, to host SYSTRAN Translate and we continuously optimize our translation engines to ensure the best balance between performance and energy consumption.

3. What about Data Privacy?

As for data privacy, the data that you translate is only stored for a limited period of time for algorithm improvements purposes and is not linked in any way to any kind of personal information, such as an IP address.

4. Industry-specific translation

As practical and powerful as they can be, most free online translators are primarily intended for generic translation needs, and professionals may find them irrelevant when needing to translate specific industry jargon. They are now looking for translation solutions that are perfectly adapted to their industry. Our industry-specific translation models available in SYSTRAN Translate were built to meet the needs of professional users.

5. State-of-the art Technology

Did you know that when Google Translate was first launched 20 years ago, it was powered by SYSTRAN technology? Indeed, SYSTRAN has been around for a long time. Translation technology is the only thing we do, that’s why we do it well. Learn more on SYSTRAN 50 years of innovation with this video.

Have you tried it yet? Visit https://translate.systran.net/