SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8
Comparison of Editions

Workgroup Standard Global
SYSTRAN Translation Server
SYSTRAN Training Server Optional Optional Optional
SYSTRAN Client Applications Optional Included Included
Offline Translation Mode for Client Applications Optional Optional Optional
Translation Server
Usage Limitations
Internal corporate users (inside the firewall)
Non corporate users (Internet)
User limit 100 2,500 unlimited
Administrator 2 5 unlimited
Translation Technology
Translation Engines
SYSTRAN "New Hybrid" Generic Translation Engines
Available Language Pairs All ($) All ($) All ($)
Ability to use Customized Translation Engines (trained with SYSTRAN Training Server or SYSTRAN Training in the Cloud, or Custom built by SYSTRAN Professional Services)
Pivot translation engines (bridge available language pairs to create a new translation direction) Upon request
Built-in Translation Resources
Dictionary Search in SYSTRAN Dictionaries (Including Main Dictionary and 5 specialized domains)
SYSTRAN Domain Specialized Translation Engines (10 Specialized Domains) $ $ $
Browser tools
User Tools
Smart Translation Box (combines text translation and dictionary lookup)
Web pages translation
Translation Bookmarklets (Translate any webpage using Browser's bookmark bar)
File Translation1 (includes DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PDF, HTML and XML and many others)
Expert Tools
Translation Editor (Review the file translation, and download in original format or as a Translation memory)
Dictionary Manager
Dictionary Editor
Translation Profiles Manager
Translation Memory Manager
Translatability Index
TM Match Document Analysis Report
Enhanced Fuzzy Match: Automatic TM Repair technology
Fuzzy Matches alternatives (in Online Post editor)
Customization Features, Options and Limitations
Number of User Dictionaries2 per language pair unlimited unlimited unlimited
Number of Normalization Dictionaries3 per language pair (server-side) unlimited unlimited unlimited
Number of Translation Memories per language pair unlimited unlimited unlimited
Number of Translation Models per language pair unlimited unlimited unlimited
Custom Entity Dictionaries
Localized Formatting Rules For Units of Measure4
SYSTRAN Translation Stylesheet and Filter Plugins
Translation Server Add-Ons
Email Translation (SMTP Gateway and delivery of translation by email to user inbox)
Website Translation Widget (Javascript widget to be inserted in website source code enabling automatic translation of the website for visitors)5
Translation Widget (Javascript widget for enabling text and URL translation in any website or intranet)
RSS Translation
SDL connectors (TMS, WorldServer) $ $
Translation - REST, SOAP
Language Identification - REST, SOAP
Dictionary lookup - RESP, SOAP
Dictionary management - REST, SOAP
Translation Memory management - REST
SOAP API Kit - Java, .NET, Ajax Interface
REST API Kit - Java, Javascript, .NET, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby
User self-registration
Customizable Roles and Groups
LDAP support
Administration Module and Statistic Reporting Tool
Server Configuration and Limitations
Number of Production installations 1 2 ($) Unlimited ($)
Additional vCPU/Cores and multimachine installation6 ($)
Fail-over and Back-up Server (Production Environments) $ $ $
Development and Test Server (Non Production Environments) $ $ $
Operating System
Windows 64-bit VM
Linux 64-bit VM
SYSTRAN Client Applications
User Limit 100 2500 Unlimited
Translations connected to SYSTRAN Enterprise Server $
Offline Translations $ $ $
User Tools
SYSTRAN Interactive Translator (MS Windows) $
SYSTRAN Quick File Translator (MS Windows) $
SYSTRAN Add-On for Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook) (MS Windows) $
SYSTRAN Add-On for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari (MS Windows, Mac OS, Linux) $
SYSTRAN Add-On for Microsoft Lync (Windows) $
Expert Tools
SYSTRAN Plugin for SDL Trados

1 PDF Text Extration Technology by Image Recognition Integrated Systems S.A. - Copyright 1987 – 2016, I.R.I.S. S.A. All rights reserved.
2 User Dictionaries and Normalization Dictionaries are limited to 20,000 entries
3 Translation Memories are limited to 40,000 entries
4 Fahrenheit > Celsius, Feet/Inches > Centimeters/Meters, Gallons > Liters, Miles > Kilometers, Pounds > Kilograms, Yards > Meters/Kilometers
5 May Require professional services for customization
6 By default, Maximum configuration is 4 Cores for the front-end plus 2 Cores per bidirectional LP bought (Virtual or Physical Cores)
$ Additional fee applies

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