SYSTRAN Translation Server

SYSTRAN Translation Server offers rich features ranging from various APIs to browser-based tools for both business and expert users.

User Tools

User Tools consist of a set of robust functionalities that enables end-users to access dictionaries and translate many different types of content. Through a browser-based interface users can immediately translate texts, emails, Web pages, RSS feeds, and documents in a wide variety of file formats, while preserving the original document layout in their translations. A dictionary lookup tool also provides instant access to alternative meanings of selected terms from both built-in dictionaries and user-defined dictionaries.

Text Translation: To use this tool either type or copy and paste text in a dialog box. The text is translated as you type. The highlighting color option lets you match the source with the translated text at the word and sentence level. The dictionary lookup is now integrated within the Text Translation Page and is contextual. Hover the mouse over a given word to perform a search for corresponding entries in both general and user specific dictionaries.

Web Page Translation: Define the URL of the site you need to translate. Translation will appear in a new window or side-by-side with the original page. Highlighting colors let you match the source with the translated text at the word and sentence level.

Document Translation: Select the file to translate and upload it. The uploaded file appears in a queue, where you can either browse or download them. Supported formats include: TXT, RTF, DOC, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PDF, XML, HTML and Open Office documents.

Expert Tools

Expert Tools consist of two customization tools: Translation Editor and Dictionary Manager. Translation Editor is an online translation workbench designed to create, manage, and post-edit translation projects. It offers powerful review tools for terminology, translation memories (including augmented fuzzy match), analysis, and QA and closely interacts with Dictionary Manager. Dictionary Manager lets you customize translations by integrating your own terminology and translation memories into the translation process. You can manage and store your linguistic resources on a centralized server to ensure consistent use of terminology and the ability to reuse translations across your business.

Translation Editor: Once a file has been translated, download it to your local machine or open the Translation Editor to review and post-edit the translation. The Translation Editor displays source sentences on the left and target sentences on the right. At the bottom, you can update the current segment using the review tools (translation memory fuzzy matches, MT, and dictionary term lookup). Each validated sentence is conserved in a user-level translation memory. A context view is also provided to display the document outlook and the corresponding translation.

Dictionary Manager

You can also seamlessly add translation functionalities to any enterprise application through the open APIs in SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8. The Administrator tools allow for easy maintenance, activity reporting, and management of user permissions.


SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 Language Pairs

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