SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 Overview

A comprehensive solution to meet the full range of enterprise language translation needs

SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 is the only comprehensive solution able to meet the full range of translation needs on an enterprise scale. Powered by SYSTRAN’s new-generation hybrid machine translation (MT) engine, it combines the best attributes of rule-based and statistical machine translation. SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 is designed to meet and exceed corporate expectations for quality, enhanced collaboration, cost-effectiveness and productivity.

Used by companies worldwide to meet the growing demand for quick and accurate translations, SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 translates all types of documents and files including manuals, procedures, reports, product and support information, content applications, websites, and all written text formats.

Easy to deploy on a corporate intranet or extranet, SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 increases enterprise collaboration and meets the translation needs of all employees. It supports unlimited user access, millions of translations per day, and seamlessly integrates with any business application and document workflow to help enterprises handle day-to-day multilingual challenges in content management, eCommerce, customer support, business intelligence, knowledge management, eDiscovery, and all other business practices.

SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 helps turn multilingual information into reusable knowledge, a key to succeeding in today’s global market.

SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 helps in-house and freelance translators produce more consistent translations and increase productivity to reduce the total cost of translation and localization projects.

SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 has three components : SYSTRAN Translation Server, SYSTRAN Training Server and SYSTRAN Application Packs.

SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 is available in three editions — Workgroup, Standard and Global — suited for the business needs of small, midsized, and larger platforms.


SYSTRAN’s new Hybrid technology is the foundation of SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8. It combines the best attributes of rule-based and statistical machine translation. SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 offers the predictability and language consistency of rule-based MT with the fluency and flexibility of statistical MT. This technologies merger sharply decreases the amount of data required to train the software, and also reduces the size of the statistical models while maintaining high performance.

What’s new in SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8?

SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 offers you more

  • Languages and combinations
  • Accurate translation
  • Intuitive business tools
  • Translation-productivity tools
  • Scalability, availability, security
  • Integration possibilities

New Tools & Features

  • Redesigned online user interface (Smart Translation Box)
  • Batch mode available in Quick File Translator
  • Online Dictionary Manager and post-editor
  • Enhanced Fuzzy Match Technology (convergence MT and TM, Fuzzy Match technology)
  • Translatability Index
  • MS Lync add-on for multilingual chat
  • New translation architecture and 64-bit native development for improved performance
  • Enhanced APIs
  • Many more…

SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 Language Pairs

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