SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 Benefits

Understand multilingual information securely in real-time.

Immediate access to foreign language information is essential for best business practices and effective communication.

Deliver consistent and validated multilingual information.

Producing consistent translations whenever needed provides increased confidence in the quality of the information. Go-to-market faster with quick localization of products and documentation using powerful review and QA tools to help control translation results.

Integrate translation software into enterprise applications.

For content management, search, collaboration, eDiscovery, knowledge databases, manufacturing processes, eCommerce, support websites, and document workflows.

Customize translations to a specific industry, corporation or subject.

Train the software to understand the terminology of a particular industry, business objective or any domain. SYSTRAN Training Manager reuses available monolingual or bilingual data, even limited, to improve translation quality. Translation models are generated automatically to reduce customization time and cost.

Leverage and reuse language assets.

A common repository enables the centralized storage and management of all existing language assets including user-defined dictionaries, translation memories, glossaries, previous translations, and all monolingual or multilingual data. All language assets can be reused to reduce costs of ongoing and new translation projects, dictionary development and maintenance.

Work collaboratively.

Leveraging the common repository, multi-user efforts are supported. The advanced dictionary management tool and centralized repository of multilingual data allow users to share corporate language assets and manage work in a way that is systematic and easy to follow.

Maximize productivity.

The advanced dictionary and project management tools provide an efficient process for document translation, dictionary creation, and post-editing. Collaboration is encouraged and new users can get up to speed quickly on work done by others.

Meet time constraints.

Process translations as fast as needed. The multi-server architecture with advanced pool and cache management tools optimizes performance.

Reduce translation costs.

Language Service Providers and corporate users quickly post-edit automatically translated texts, reducing the overall costs of localization or translation.

SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 Language Pairs

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