SYSTRAN Application Packs

A downloadable client tool suite, SYSTRAN Application Packs includes both SYSTRAN User Tools and SYSTRAN Expert Tools.

The User Tools provide you with a robust set of functionalities to be installed on your PC desktop. They let you use the Translation Server within your Office applications under Windows.
The User Tools consist of add-ons for:

  • Microsoft Office applications : Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Outlook
  • Internet browsers : Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari on MAC OSX, Opera on MAC OSX
  • Windows File Explorer

Interactive translator: a stand-alone application that translates any text copied from the clipboard or interactively entered into the source area.

Quick File Translator: a batch tool allowing you to directly translate a file or a complete directory.

Microsoft Lync add-on:  seamless integration of SYSTRAN translation service into Microsoft Lync. You can set a favorite language so that multi-lingual threads are displayed in the determined language. After a message is sent, it is automatically translated into the recipient’s favorite language.

SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 Language Pairs

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