SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 7
Comparison of Editions

Translation Server
Training Server Optional Optional
Application Packs Optional Included Included
Application Packs Plus Optional Optional Optional
Translation Server
Usage Limitations
Internal corporate users (inside the firewall)
Non corporate users (Internet)
User limit 100 2,500 unlimited
Administrator 1 5 unlimited
Translation Engines
Built-in Translation Resources
SYSTRAN Main Dictionary and 20 Specialized Domains
Dictionary Search in Larousse dictionaries for French ⇔ English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
Online Tools
Dictionary Search
Text, Web, RSS and File Translation (includes RTF, DOC, DOCX, XSLT, PPTX, PDF, HTML and XML)
Email Translation (SMTP Gateway and delivery of translation by email to user inbox)
Customization Options and Limitations
Number of User Dictionaries1 per language pair 1 5 unlimited
Number of Normalization Dictionaries2 per language pair (server-side) 1 5 unlimited
Number of Translation Memories per language pair none 1 unlimited
Number of Translation Models per language pair none 1 unlimited
Custom Entity Dictionaries
Localized Formatting Rules For Units of Measure3
SYSTRAN Translation Stylesheet and Filter Plugins
1 User Dictionaries and Normalization Dictionaries are limited to 20,000 entries / 2 Translation Memories are limited to 40,000 entries
3 Fahrenheit>Celsius, Feet/Inches>Centimeters/Meters, Gallons>Liters, Miles>Kilometers, Pounds >Kilograms, Yards >Meters/Kilometers
Translation: HTML, AJAX, SOAP
Dictionary lookup: SOAP
Dictionary coding: SOAP
User self-registration
LDAP support
Administration Module and Statistic Reporting Tool
Server Configuration and Limitations
Number of Production Servers 1 2 unlimited
Multi-Server Installation
Advanced Pool and Cache Management
Operating System
Training Server
Training Manager Optional Optional
Corpus Manager Optional Optional
Application Packs (work online only)
User Tools 100 2,500 Unlimited
Expert Tools 100 2,500 Unlimited
Application Packs Plus (work online and offline)
User Tools Plus 100 2,500 Unlimited
Expert Tools Plus 100 2,500 Unlimited