SYSTRAN Introduces Desktop 7 Product Suite

Desktop 7 brings significant advancements that improve translation quality, facilitate customization and enhance the user experience for all customers from the home user to the language professional

SYSTRAN, the leading provider of language translation technologies, today announced the release of its Desktop 7 Product Suite. SYSTRAN Desktop 7 contains a number of major innovations, including intelligent use of displaying translation alternatives and learning from user choices via a new interactive interface. SYSTRAN products translate documents quickly and accurately while reducing the time it takes to post-edit translations.

Amongst the most advanced and sophisticated products on the market, SYSTRAN Desktop 7 offers users the highest quality translations for text messages, emails and Web pages, as well as professional and personal documents. In addition to quick and efficient translations, SYSTRAN Desktop 7 includes a smart user interface, powerful new automated customization tools and the convenience of translating online while connected to the Internet or directly from a PC. New to SYSTRAN Desktop 7 include:

  • Consistent High Quality Translations – SYSTRAN Desktop 7 is smart as it acquires knowledge as it is used. It adapts translation to the user’s language domain(s) by learning new terminology from their documents and texts. The more Desktop 7 is used, the smarter it gets.
  • Support of Additional File Formats for Added Usability – Desktop 7 supports OpenOffice documents in addition to Microsoft Office documents, PDF, TXT, HTML, and RT. It also supports more import and export formats for dictionary exchange to improve reuse of existing terminology and integration with other tools.
  • Unified Smart Interface Simplifies the Translation Process – SYSTRAN Interactive Translator translates any text with just a click, includes a smart Dictionary Lookup for instant access to alternative meanings which learns from user choices and saves them for reuse. Additionally, it provides an interactive environment for users to resolve source language ambiguities to improve quality, and a shortcut to the robust SYSTRAN Dictionary Manager.
  • Automatic Learning of User Terminology and Linguistic Specificities – SYSTRAN Customization Wizard adapts translation to the user’s language domain(s) by learning from the user’s existing documents and language assets. It scans a variety of file formats from the user’s PC and builds language models which are applied to current and future translations.
  • Increased User Productivity and Reduced Time to Post-Edit – SYSTRAN Document Aligner builds a translation memory from one document and its translation. It also includes an interactive realignment feature which allows users to make changes as needed.
  • Convenience to Translate Anytime, Anywhere – Translate online when traveling or from your PC with SYSTRAN Desktop 7.

SYSTRAN’s industry-leading translation software helps individuals and businesses communicate and collaborate in multiple languages,” said Dimitris Sabatakakis, CEO of SYSTRAN. “The global nature of today’s economy increases the need for accurate, high quality language translation. But SYSTRAN Desktop 7 products deliver even more. SYSTRAN’s smart translation capability means the software adapts to the specific needs of the user. Additionally, SYSTRAN is the only company to offer translation capabilities regardless of whether a user is connected to the Internet. SYSTRAN Desktop 7 is a significant step forward for machine language translation solutions.

The SYSTRAN Desktop 7 Product Suite includes the Premium Translator, Business Translator, Office Translator and Home Translator. Using the same translation engine selected by leading internet portals, global corporations and the US intelligence community, each product within the Desktop 7 Suite is designed to meet the very specific needs of its users. All products support additional file formats, include new tools for customization and allow the user to translate online documents in real-time. SYSTRAN designs Desktop 7 products for a variety of markets.

  • SYSTRAN 7 Premium Translator – Provides innovative, automatic customization tools allowing language industry professionals and corporate users to produce reliable, high quality language translations while streamlining work.
  • SYSTRAN 7 Business Translator – For small and mid-sized businesses that need the highest quality translations for company correspondences, procedures, product information and presentations.
  • SYSTRAN 7 Office Translator – Microsoft Office users can easily translate and understand Word documents, Excel files, PowerPoint presentations, Outlook emails and all text messages.
  • SYSTRAN 7 Home Translator – Designed to meet the needs of individuals looking to quickly and accurately translate Word documents, Web pages, emails, text messages, and tweets.


SYSTRAN is the leading provider of language translation software products and solutions for the desktop, enterprise and Internet. Facilitating communication in 52 language combinations, SYSTRAN machine translation products increase user productivity and time-savings.

With over four decades of expertise and research and development, SYSTRAN’s machine translation software is the choice of leading global corporations, portals including Apple, AltaVista and Yahoo!, and public agencies like the US Intelligence Community and the European Commission.

SYSTRAN is headquartered in Paris, France with a North American office located in San Diego, California, USA.

SYSTRAN (Code ISIN FR0004109197, Bloomberg: SYST NM, Reuters: SYTN.LN) is listed on EuroNext Paris, Compartiment C. For more information, visit


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