SYSTRAN translation software trained on the Acquis Communautaire corpus achieves excellent translation quality for European Union legal documents

PARIS, FRANCE and SAN DIEGO, CA – February 22nd, 2011 – SYSTRAN, the leading provider of language translation technologies, today announced the availability of a prototype of its hybrid machine translation (MT) engines dedicated to the translation of European Union legal documents into 56 language pairs.

Last year SYSTRAN announced that “excellent results were achieved by training its new award-winning hybrid MT engines on the DGT Multilingual Translation Memory of the Acquis Communautaire1. Enthused by its success, SYSTRAN has continued its research program to cover 56 language pairs with high quality translation results.

A prototype is available for users to test the translation of European Union legal texts at This prototype demonstrates the excellent quality level achieved when training SYSTRAN hybrid MT engines for a given domain with an existing corpus.

Users with a valid SYSTRAN account 2 can translate European Union legal texts, documents or web pages, while leveraging the existing “translation memories” to select from a variety of translations for the same source sentence. It also maximizes use of existing glossaries and allows users to select translations that are the closest in meaning to the source sentence.

The prototype demonstrates several innovative enhancements which are part of the upcoming SYSTRAN SaaS offer. These include the ability for users to:

  • Create and manage translation projects online in a simple workflow; and
  • Leverage existing translations and linguistic resources (dictionaries and translation memories).

This prototype is just one of the results of the ongoing cooperative research program between SYSTRAN and Dr. Philipp Koehn of Edinburgh University.

This research program will continue to build the best translation engines for the 462 possible language pair combinations of the European Union. “SYSTRAN hybrid MT technology is unique because it leverages not only existing translations but also linguistic knowledge” said Dr. Philipp Koehn.

“We are demonstrating that excellent translation quality can be achieved by training our hybrid MT translation engines for a given domain” added Dr. Jean Senellart, SYSTRAN’s Chief Scientist. “We are committed to delivering the best translation quality and training our translation engines on the Acquis Communautaire is only the first step in that direction. Our goal is to continue training specialized translation engines for specific content such as the Europarl corpus and other available corpora”.

1. Full press release can be seen at /systran/news-and-events/press-release/systran-achieves-hq-translation-with-hybrid-mt-engine.
2. Create a SYSTRAN account for free to access the SYSTRAN – Acquis Communautaire prototype and some free SYSTRAN services. To create a free SYSTRAN account click here.

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