SYSTRAN makes it easier for people to work together in any language.

Don’t let language slow down your business potential

Today’s enterprises are increasingly international, with employees and partners spread all around the world working in different languages. But while these global structures offer many benefits, they can also present a lot of risks, such as poor comprehension, costly delays, breaches in confidentiality or even lack of compliance. More than ever, your enterprise needs flexible working environments and smoother communication flows for your linguistically diverse employees and partners.

SYSTRAN Enterprise Server
SYSTRAN improves collaboration with Enterprise Server
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Optimize business communication and collaboration with SYSTRAN!

By providing you with a centralized translation server directly on site, along with a complete range of high-performance tools, SYSTRAN offers you fully secure, real-time translation across all your enterprise sites and applications.

Benefit from...

  • Information security: Your data and translations never leave your building, so all your sensitive information and intellectual property is preserved.
  • Communication performance: Immediately understand multilingual information in the languages you need (more than 60 language pairs available).
  • Time saving: Bring translation into your collaborative applications and tools, such as Intranet, Enterprise Social Network (ESN), Sharepoint or online chat, making communication easier with customers, prospects, partners or vendors worldwide.
  • Quality and consistency: SYSTRAN translations are fully customizable and take into account brand names, product names, technical or trade-specific vocabulary.
SYSTRAN Enterprise Server
SYSTRAN improves collaboration with Enterprise Server
Discover it today

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